Artificial intelligence has become an important technology in cybersecurity, as algorithms can solve many problems better and faster than humans. Many vendors now incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into their solutions.  

See how artificial intelligence and machine learning help organizations rapidly and efficiently deploy enterprise-grade identity security solutions.

The combined market for AI and cybersecurity is estimated to reach nearly $400 billion per year by 2027. Read on to learn more about how SailPoint can help your organization reach its cybersecurity goals through solutions that are powered by artificial intelligence. 

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

AI is not intended to replace humans, but rather to augment them. Security teams must sift through and analyze large amounts of data, which sometimes feels like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack. AI can identify patterns and find anomalies much faster— often within mere seconds.

Some of the many benefits of artificial intelligence include: 

  • Enabling humans to make faster decisions based on AI recommendations 
  • Automating a variety of time-consuming, repetitive tasks 
  • Improving overall visibility into the enterprise’s high-risk areas

Typically Quicker to React Compared to Humans

AI-based cybersecurity usually reacts much faster to react to threats than a human security analyst because machines can “think” faster. Yes, there may be instances where a person will respond to a threat based on intuition and other factors that a machine can’t discern. Yet, more often than not, AI-based solutions will catch problems while people are only beginning to anticipate a potential issue.

Algorithmically Based

SailPoint’s AI-based cybersecurity solutions grow better and smarter over time because the AI learns through our proprietary algorithms. Simply put, the technology constantly improves and adapts, identifying risks and helping enterprises stay ahead of the threats.

AI Works Nonstop

Humans get tired. They require an average of eight hours of sleep to perform their best, whereas AI never stops. AI constantly learns and evolves while always performing at its peak. This means enterprises benefit from consistent outcomes and leaders don’t have to worry about security teams missing something simply because they’ve had a long day of work.

AI Knows Before Humans Know

As previously mentioned, AI often knows and analyzes threats before humans even realize a problem exists. It’s constantly verifying and cross-referencing patterns to identify anomalies and respond quickly. During a cyberattack, fast response is critical to ensure enterprises can minimize the damage and contain the threat. 

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