Digitally transform and protect vital infrastructure

The utility landscape is changing rapidly, with more distributed energy resources (DERs) in use, more stringent requirements like NERC CIP in place, and a workforce much more dependent on remote access.

This means companies must take steps to modernize their infrastructure and upgrade security in order to safeguard access to critical networks (including SCADA systems) – this is especially urgent as utilities are a prime target for cyberattacks.

SailPoint Identity Security provides the visibility and intelligence you need to manage and control access to critical infrastructure and protect sensitive information.

  • Ensure sensitive data and crucial applications are accessed only by the right people in the right locations.
  • Gain complete visibility into who has access, if they should have access, and how that access is being used.
  • Automate access provisioning based on defined policies and modify or revoke access as users change roles.
  • Integrate with other IT and security technologies for stronger and more resilient protection.

SailPoint helps utility companies:

Modernize security

Protect new and legacy infrastructure from cyberattacks with a platform that provides complete visibility into all identities, entitlements, systems, data and cloud services.

Mitigate risk

Leverage deep insights and machine learning to find and remediate risky access, maintain separation of duties, and keep access policies updated as changes occur.

Provision with confidence

Ensure your workforce has exactly the right level of access to applications and information via automated recommendations and real-time monitoring

Simplify compliance

Maintain a full audit trail of accounts, entitlements, policies and actions to address audit needs via easy-to-generate compliance reports.

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