Shore up security, reduce risk, and empower employees

With IoT technology powering digital transformation in the oil and gas sector, companies are prioritizing cybersecurity to address potential vulnerabilities. But with an ever-growing number of applications, data sources, and platforms coming online, relying on disparate, manual processes for oversight is unsustainable. 

Without a solid identity security solution in place, the oil and gas sector is facing millions of dollars in preventable downtime due to cyberattacks. In fact, more than 95% of oil & gas companies say that their current cybersecurity framework is not enough to meet these challenges1. This means firms are increasingly at risk of a major breach resulting in critical data loss, costly non-compliance fines, or worse.

With SailPoint Identity Security, oil and gas companies can improve their security and streamline operations at the same time via an innovative and fully automated identity solution.

  • Empower employees with exactly the access they need, right when they need it.
  • Reduce the risks associated with siloed workflows with a centralized identity management platform.
  • Free your IT team from manual processes – such as handling provisioning and access requests – so they can focus on more important projects.
  • Enable better workforce collaboration by allowing faster and more secure data sharing across all applications and platforms.
  1. “Six cybersecurity issues for oil and gas companies”, 12 Apr 2019,

With SailPoint, oil & gas companies can:

Secure your enterprise

Ensure all employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners, bots, and IoT devices always have the right amount of access — no more, no less.

Improve user productivity

Decrease time spent on access requests to just minutes with self-service capabilities and role-based access controls.

Reduce risk

Take advantage of machine learning and AI capabilities to automatically detect and remediate risky access across all applications, data, and platforms.

Simplify compliance

Maintain a full audit trail of accounts, entitlements, policies and actions, to the minute, and address audit needs with ease.

Enable user access and protect business everywhere.

Find out how SailPoint can help the oil & gas sector protect your digital transformation investments and shore up your cybersecurity roadmap.

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