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With 80% of corporate data being unstructured, it’s no surprise that email and files are the new targets for data breaches. SailPoint addresses that by extending identity governance to unstructured data.

SecurityIQ Gives You the Power To

See Sensitive Data

Find sensitive data in order to manage and secure it.

Prevent Rogue Access

Set prevention and detection controls to stop inappropriate access before it starts.

Embrace Shadow IT

Manage the creation, downloads and uploads of unstructured data.


Identity Working

We now have full visibility across our systems, and can find and manage sensitive data and our users’ access to it.

Dor Liniado, CISO, ECI Telecom

Why SecurityIQ?

SecurityIQ improves data security posture by allowing relevant data owners to control user access and usage via an intuitive dashboard.

SecurityIQ minimizes risk exposure to data leakage or breach by discovering and monitoring access to files containing sensitive data such as PII, PHI, and PCI.

SecurityIQ provides admins with real-time insight across all governed data sources using an embedded analytics dashboard.

SecurityIQ provides greater visibility to suspicious activity by triggering notifications when patterns are associated with complex threats, such as ransomware.

See How Identity Governance for Files Can Help You



Securing Access to Files with Identity Governance



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