Identity Meets Data

The Power of Identity Fosters Collaboration

From source code to financial reports and personal employee information, sensitive information lives in unstructured data – PDFs, e-mails, documents, presentations, and more. In order to ensure the security of an enterprise, identity governance must extend to all data.

Secure All Data

Do not leave email and file systems unmanaged.

Shadow IT

Embrace shadow IT and manage the creation, downloads and uploads of unstructured data.

Data Ownership

Know your corporate data owners to define who should have access to what.


of enterprise data is unstructured

7 in 10

users have access to data they shouldn’t

Extend Your Identity Governance to Unstructured Data

Find Sensitive Data

You can’t protect what you don’t know you have; find sensitive data first and then secure it.

Prevent Rogue Access

Set prevention and detection controls to stop inappropriate access before it starts.

Keep a Close Watch

Identify data ownership to efficiently administer access to that data.

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When Identity Meets Data