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The Core Components of Identity Security

Over the last few months, organizations have seen a shift in managing and securing identities, and it has moved well beyond human capacity. In order to do this effectively, organizations need artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core of their identity solution to automate the discovery, management, and control of all user access throughout their digital life cycle. This ensures that each identity always has the proper access needed to do their job – no more, no less. 

 At SailPoint, we believe it is vital to secure every identity with unmatched intelligence, empower your workforce through frictionless automation, and connect your entire infrastructure with comprehensive integration. Mark McClain, Founder & CEO, and Grady Summers, EVP of Product, share their thoughts in the leading industry publications below.  

WSJ: Cybercriminals Are After Your Digital Identity 

Authored by Mark McClain 

Over the past years, we have witnessed record-breaking security incidents that have capitalized on organizations’ weak and exposed passwords. Unfortunately, this type of attack has become all too familiar, with bad actors successfully stealing personally identifiable information and infiltrating businesses’ networks with dire consequences. 

Forbes: Identity Security: A Core Business Essential 

Authored by Mark McClain 

People, technology, and business are inseparable today. Making sure the connection points across this trifecta are secure always seems like an easy enough proposition. However, most large enterprises house thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions of “identities” — from employees and contractors to machines. Now is the time for organizations to put identity security as priority in order to enable and secure your workforce. 

Forbes: What Is At The Core Of Identity Security Today? 

Authored by Grady Summers 

Many organizations are trying to secure their identities using manual processes such as spreadsheets or solutions developed in-house with outdated technology that is under-scaled and not architected to meet the needs of today’s modern enterprise. These methods won’t cut it in today’s ever-evolving world. Enterprises need a solution that goes to the core of identity security. 

Learn more about SailPoint’s commitment to the core of identity security.