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Leading from the front: SailPoint‘s momentum builds with new capabilities for Identity Security Cloud

Authored by Cameron Wilson, Product Marketing Manager

Wayne Gretzky, arguably the greatest hockey player of all time, once said, “I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” In this respect, SailPoint has something in common with “The Great One” as we relentlessly strive to look ahead and deliver identity security solutions that solve the exponentially increasing security challenges today’s enterprises face.

This quarter, we are excited about our newest SailPoint Identity Security Cloud enhancements, which will strengthen an organization’s identity security and drive towards a least-privileged access model.

GenAI Descriptions for Entitlements
Providing quality entitlement descriptions is a difficult and time-consuming task, and many users just don’t have the time. On top of that, entitlements that do have descriptions are not always understandable by a non-identity governance professional. GenAI Descriptions for Entitlements leverage large language models (LLM) to generate human-readable entitlement descriptions. This feature will make it easier for source owners to create high-quality entitlement descriptions for their applications. Organizations will have better information to make smarter access decisions, enabling them to manage their identity security program more effectively and securely. Users will have a clear understanding of the entitlements they are asked to review leading to fewer rubber-stamping approvals that lead to increased security risks.

GenAI descriptions for entitlements are available today for customers in AWS regions where the AWS Bedrock LLM we employ is supported.

Expanding Activity Data Insights
Activity Insights delivers activity-related data points across SailPoint capabilities to achieve true least-privileged access. These insights, surfaced from popular apps like Zoom, SFDC, GitHub and others, provide a clear view of how access is being used across the entire organization. Through the Access History page, Activity Insights provides crucial information about usage patterns and activity trends for entitlements and SaaS applications so organizations can confidently grant and maintain the right access.

We are releasing three new Activity Insights-supported capabilities:

  • Access Certification with Activity Insights – This gives the user the ability to view activity data points at the source level, within the access certifications screen, so they can make more informed decisions if an identity should continue to have access or not.
  • Role Discovery, Create Common Access with Activity Insights – SailPoint customers can also view activity data to decide which entitlements should be included in a role for a given source, which results in vastly improved decision-making.

Access Certification and Role Discovery, Create Common Access with Activity Insights, are available today.

CIEM AWS IAM Identity Center Provisioning
SailPoint Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), which was named an overall leader in KuppingerCole’s latest CIEM report, as well as being named an “Outperformer” in GigaOm’s Radar report for CIEM, continues to build on those accolades with support for AWS IAM Identity Center Provisioning, which allows IAM Admins to provision and de-provision AWS identity store ‘native’ accounts. This capability supports core governance of lifecycle management and ad-hoc requests, as well as supporting source certification and account deprovisioning.

AWS IAM Identity Center will be available soon for all CIEM customers.

Staying ahead of the puck
SailPoint continues to be a leader in identity security because we not only meet you where you are on your identity security journey but where you will eventually be.

Learn more about SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and check out our self-guided product demos to see it in action.