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Identity as ‘business essential’

In my line of work, I talk to a lot of people at companies of different sizes and industries. The vast majority of those people are charging down their digital transformation path with varying degrees of success and maturity. Some started early and are years into the process with most, […]

Three Questions with Culture Program Manager, Becky Harmonson

Today’s installment of Women in Identity is near and dear to my heart. A huge reason that I am such a vocal advocate of the #SailPointCrew team is that our culture is literally like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my 18+ year professional career. I have never worked for a […]

Australia’s Privacy Awareness Week: Privacy is a Two-Way Street

Privacy is an inherent part of being human. To protect our privacy, we build fences around our backyards, but we also have fences to respect our neighbor’s privacy. When thinking about data, we need to think about protecting personal information by building a ‘digital’ fence. This step is critical to […]

Why Identity?

Lori Robinson, Senior Director of Product and Market Strategy for SailPoint, is no stranger to the identity community. She recently joined our crew from Gartner where she spent many years covering all things identity. We just had one simple question for her in this Identity Talk: Why identity? She explains […]

The #SailPointCrew on Our Four I Values

We live and breathe our four core values at SailPoint. Our CEO Mark McClain walked around the SailPoint offices (pre-quarantine, of course!), to hear from our crew on how our core values impacted their decision to work at SailPoint and how they use them in their day-to-day lives at work.  […]

CISO Q&A with Banco Credibom’s Flavio Carvalho

Flavio Carvalho, CISO, at Portugal-based Banco Credibom, is an accomplished cybersecurity and privacy executive, with considerable experience building large-scale information and cybersecurity programs within many different types of businesses and markets. With his career beginning in networking and infrastructure management, Carvalho gained experience working in cybersecurity as a security services […]

Cybersecurity And The Board: Part Deux

The number of breached accounts reached a tipping point early in 2019, with the first megaleak hitting the newswires to the tune of 2.2 million breached accounts. In addition, as companies are moving increasingly more applications and data to the cloud, we are seeing an influx in companies that are not securing their […]

Identity Management Programs: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Without a doubt, the world has changed in the past month. While I haven’t left the house since March 13 (and counting), I’ve enjoyed yoga classes, concerts and happy hours with friends (via teleconferencing), and an upcoming dermatology appointment has been converted from an in-person appointment to a telehealth appointment. […]

Remote is the new normal: Enable workers, not hackers

Hackers never sleep, and during this time of uncertainty, there’s no playbook or blueprint to arm against them. The world has changed, and so has your business. The rapid transition to remote working presents major challenges for IT and employees. Globally, 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day […]

SailPoint’s Core Values: Hiring and Rewards

Our Four Core Values are at the heart of all we do at SailPoint. Hear from our CEO Mark McClain on how those values drive hiring and rewards in the video below. If you like what you see, check out our job openings here.