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Don’t wait, accelerate: Non-Employee Risk Management launches QuickStart Templates

Authored by: Michael Conti, SailPoint

Usain Bolt…


Michael Phelps…

SailPoint’s Non-Employee Risk Management…

All four are synonymous with speed. We’re excited to announce a game-changing enhancement to our Non-Employee Risk Management solution: QuickStart Templates.

QuickStart Templates provide pre-configured setups tailored to common non-employee use cases, enabling new customers to expedite their setup process so they can immediately focus on managing non-employees effectively. QuickStart Templates include onboarding a new non-employee, modifying a non-employee’s identity details, termination, rehire, and end date management. Non-Employee Risk Management users can easily adapt the solution to their specific needs without the hassle of manual configuration.

Bolt’s ability to cover 100 meters in mere seconds is awe-inspiring, just as Non-Employee Risk Management’s QuickStart Templates allows organizations to onboard non-employees in record time.

But it’s not just about speed—it’s about success. Bolt’s illustrious career is marked by numerous gold medals and world records, showcasing his unparalleled dominance on the track. Similarly, Non-Employee Risk Management enables organizations to make smarter access decisions about non-employees, increase team productivity, demonstrate compliance with ease, and expand a strong security posture to your extended enterprise.   

And it’s no wonder that so many organizations are signing on to use SailPoint’s Non-Employee Risk Management to help them race towards non-employee identity security. According to a recent report, 64% of organizations state third-party risk management is viewed as a strategic imperative by their board of directors and executive teams. Leadership understands how vital it is for their organizations to secure their third-party relationships!    

Companies embracing Non-Employee Risk Management are propelling themselves onto the express lane of third-party security. Take Absa Bank, for instance, which revolutionized its non-employee identity management program. By empowering 12,000 non-employees with secure identities, Absa slashed a staggering 15 days off their onboarding process, ensuring quicker third-party access. This streamlined approach not only enhances security but also translates to significant cost savings, amounting to approximately $300 per identity onboarded. With such transformative results, Absa demonstrates the power of Non-Employee Risk Management in turbocharging efficiency, security, and bottom-line savings.

With streamlined processes and enhanced interoperability, Non-Employee Risk Management empowers organizations to achieve their risk management objectives more effectively while reducing operational overhead and ensuring compliance. Now with QuickStart Templates and the seamless integration with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, new customers will stay ahead of the curve in managing non-employee risks.

Ready to experience the benefits of accelerated non-employee risk management? Schedule a demo today or take a self-guided interactive product tour to explore how Non-Employee Risk Management can handle your specific non-employee use cases and demonstrate how the solution can help you achieve your risk management objectives more efficiently and effectively.

Don’t let manual configuration slow you down—embrace QuickStart Templates and unlock the full potential of Non-Employee Risk Management with SailPoint. Channel your inner Bolt and sprint towards success with Non-Employee Risk Management. With QuickStart Templates at the ready, you’ll be able to leave inefficient, risky processes in the dust and race toward a brighter, more secure future.