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IdentityTV: Protecting Organisations Against Tomorrow’s Threats

In the last 18 months, market dynamics have accelerated a series of trends that have changed almost every aspect of today’s modern enterprise. If the pandemic taught us anything, enterprises must ensure business continuity – no matter what. Work from home became table stakes. Now, enterprises are starting to think bigger: “Operations Anywhere,” where workers not only work from wherever they may be but bring their environment or devices with them as well. 

Another trend that is top of mind for many is the rapidly evolving IT environment brought about by the digital transformation, cloud (in all its forms), the idea of Zero Trust, democratization of IT, just to name a few. 

In 2022 and beyond, cyber risk will be one of the biggest challenges facing enterprises. The frequency, volume, and sophistication of cyber attacks and cyber threats are increasing, and the number of data privacy regulations are now of equal importance to cybersecurity. But how do you ensure you’re ready to tackle the evolving threats? Cue IdentityTV.

No matter where you are on your identity security journey, IdentityTV will explore how organisations can use identity security to become compliant and secure, adopt a Zero Trust approach, transform to the cloud, and support your business’ growth and success.  

Hosted by Nadine Dereza, an award-winning journalist and current host of CNBC’s Internet of Things: Powering the Digital Economy, IdentityTV will showcase how digital innovation is reshaping industries. Nadine will explore the following topics with industry experts and organisations: 

  • How do companies streamline identity security without compromise?
  • How do you empower and automate at scale with identity security?
  • How identity is core to any organisation’s cybersecurity strategy.
  • How identity automation and AI is reducing risk and enhancing security.
  • How does one of the world’s largest multinationals with 80+ different companies around the globe start to manage its identity security clearly and concisely?

To register for IdentityTV on April 6, click here.