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How to mitigate risk with access to ensure secure identities

Like many things in life, modern identity security solutions are a delicate balance — providing fast, secure, and convenient access to resources for those who need them while ensuring the highest level of security so they can move with speed, agility, and minimal risk. 

To help organizations achieve this balance on their identity journey, we recently published Identity security best practices: A deeper dive into ensuring security for all identities. This eBook explains how strong identity security helps mitigate identity-related risk from cyberattacks and human error while streamlining and governing identity security to ensure compliance. 

This new interactive eBook includes lessons and tips around:  

Identity risk and mitigation 

  • How a strong identity security program mitigates cyber risk 
  • How to monitor for malicious activity and take corrective action in real-time 
  • The top five password management best practices 

Compliance cost and efficiency 

  • How strong identity security streamlines compliance processes  
  • How to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands  
  • The security principle used by organizations to prevent fraud and error  

 Vital technologies 

  • Three capabilities that secure and support the next generation of business tech transformation and innovation 
  • How automation drives down costs and drives up productivity 
  • How AI/ML turns vast amounts of identity data into actionable insights 

So, if you’re ready to take the next step in securing your enterprise, check out our Identity security use cases and best practices eBook.