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Delivering a comprehensive approach to identity security

One of the things that really energized me when thinking about our next chapter under Thoma Bravo was the promise of accelerated innovation to the benefit of our rapidly growing enterprise customer base. You’ll see us make some moves in 2023 (and beyond) to increase our velocity of innovation, delivering transformative value in identity security.

Today is one step forward in that direction with our acquisition of SecZetta. By bringing their technology onto our market-leading identity security platform, we’re once again delivering the most comprehensive approach to identity that our customers expect (and critically need) from us as they address emerging and evolving areas of identity-related risk across their business.   

Taking a step back – why SecZetta? Well, nearly half of today’s enterprises are made up of non-employees (contractors, partners, consultants, bots – you name it). To date, this has been an underserved identity population, and many organizations have not factored this growing group of identities into their approach to identity security. With SecZetta, we can move fast to address the needs of non-employee lifecycle management, accelerating our time-to-market and ability to readily solve our customers’ needs as they evolve. This announcement underscores our relentless focus on better serving our customers by consistently advancing our identity security platform that discovers, manages and secures all identities across the modern enterprise.

Once SecZetta’s solutions are fully integrated into SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud with our advanced AI capabilities, SailPoint will deliver a unified platform to customers – providing context-rich identity information with the right level of intelligence needed to answer the “who should have access to what”, “when” and “why” questions for all identities and their technological access needs, regardless of whether they are an employee or not.

I’m proud of the rapid growth we’ve experienced over the past few years as more enterprises recognize just how business essential identity security – and SailPoint – has become to enterprise security overall. Considering nearly all cybersecurity incidents today stem from a breached identity at the root, no organization can afford to look at identity security as a “luxury buy” – it’s a “must-buy”. That’s been acknowledged and validated by the strength of our business, and the conviction Thoma Bravo has in our success over the next few years together.  

My confidence in SailPoint’s potential and what we are building has never been stronger. This is just the beginning!

Read the press release for more information on our recent acquisition of SecZetta.