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Customer Stories

Innovative IT Infrastructure that Fuels Growth

ABN AMRO is the 26th largest bank in Europe, serving retail, private and corporate banking clients primarily in the Netherlands, with select international operations. It is the third largest bank in the Netherlands, and they are focused on creating long-term value for stakeholders.  Legacy & Homegrown Solutions Slow Innovation and […]

Leading Media Outlet Becomes Identity Governance Pioneer in the Philippines

ABS-CBN and its subsidiaries are the leading media company across the globe for Filipino viewers. They employ around 11,000 people and recently became one the first companies in Asia to dive into the digital space by offering news and entertainment via their applications. Security Begins with Identity  When Jay C. […]

Agile Security with Cloud-Based Identity Governance

Global Atlantic Financial Group provides retirement, life, and reinsurance products that help its customers to meet their financial challenges: wealth protection, wealth accumulation, income generation as well as wealth transfer and end-of-life financial needs. Goldman Sachs founded Global Atlantic Financial Group in 2004. When the company became independent in 2013, […]

University of Reading Navigates the Complexities of a Legacy Environment

University of Reading was using a combination of legacy and homegrown systems connected by scripts to provide students and almost 5,000 staff members access to systems and data. The legacy system was semi-automated and required a lot of manual effort to make changes to identity data and the result was […]

GE Delivers Access to 1.8 Million Users

Some of the largest organizations in the world leverage SailPoint solutions to deploy identity governance programs at large-scale. Enterprises often have diverse populations of users, complex regulatory requirements, and a multitude of on-premises and cloud-based applications. To scale at the rate global businesses require, having an identity solution with flexibility […]

The State of Identity with NXP Semiconductor’s Núria Barceló i Peiró

The identity market is moving fast, whether it’s in artificial intelligence, regulatory changes, IoT, or helping identity managers to make better decisions. To get a sense of what these new trends mean ahead, we reached out to Núria Barceló i Peiró, NXP Team Lead and Manager of Identity & Access […]

From Legacy to Modern: Identity in Higher Education

The organizational structure of colleges and universities make them one of the most interesting industries for addressing identity challenges. Students, faculty and staff often change roles, and in addition, a new wave of students enters the organization at the start of a semester or quarter each year. When a student […]

An Identity Management Case Study: The Race Against Time

It’d be hard to tell if it’s a good news or a bad news situation. You’re the senior vice president of identity and access management at an international financial services enterprise when you’re informed that you’ll be given all of the budget and resources you need to transform the identity […]

A CISO’s View of Successful Identity Governance

In a modern enterprise, a CISO’s job is a complicated one. With the increasing risk of cyberattacks, and need for a flexible work environment, security and accessibility are in a never-ending competition. Every organization’s IT infrastructure is different, but most CISO’s would agree that a secure enterprise has a strong […]

Enabling Government Entities with Smarter Security

Norfolk County Council is the top tier governing body in Norfolk, England, providing services to approximately 900,000 residents under seven local district councils. The council employs 22,000 people across various departments including adult social care, children’s social care, procurement, customer services, community and environmental services, and others. Norfolk County Council […]