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GE Delivers Access to 1.8 Million Users

Some of the largest organizations in the world leverage SailPoint solutions to deploy identity governance programs at large-scale. Enterprises often have diverse populations of users, complex regulatory requirements, and a multitude of on-premises and cloud-based applications. To scale at the rate global businesses require, having an identity solution with flexibility and performance is of the utmost importance.

Take SailPoint customer, GE. The Global 200 company is in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, and needed a next-generation identity program to ensure security and compliance. With SailPoint, GE now:

  • Securely and confidently delivers access to 1.8 million users across 1,800 applications
  • Has decreased their resources running access audit programs from 25 people to two, globally
  • Reduced their helpdesk tickets for password reset requests from several hundred thousand to about 10,000 requests annually, providing a cost savings of over $2 million a year

That’s identity at scale. Delivered. Read more about GE’s SailPoint journey here.