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Identity Working

GE Delivers Access to 1.8 Million Users

Some of the largest organizations in the world leverage SailPoint solutions to deploy identity governance programs at large-scale. Enterprises often have diverse populations of users, complex regulatory requirements, and a multitude of on-premises and cloud-based applications. To scale at the rate global businesses require, having an identity solution with flexibility […]

The State of Identity with NXP Semiconductor’s Núria Barceló i Peiró

The identity market is moving fast, whether it’s in artificial intelligence, regulatory changes, IoT, or helping identity managers to make better decisions. To get a sense of what these new trends mean ahead, we reached out to Núria Barceló i Peiró, NXP Team Lead and Manager of Identity & Access […]

From Legacy to Modern: Identity in Higher Education

The organizational structure of colleges and universities make them one of the most interesting industries for addressing identity challenges. Students, faculty and staff often change roles, and in addition, a new wave of students enters the organization at the start of a semester or quarter each year. When a student […]

An Identity Management Case Study: The Race Against Time

It’d be hard to tell if it’s a good news or a bad news situation. You’re the senior vice president of identity and access management at an international financial services enterprise when you’re informed that you’ll be given all of the budget and resources you need to transform the identity […]

A CISO’s View of Successful Identity Governance

In a modern enterprise, a CISO’s job is a complicated one. With the increasing risk of cyberattacks, and need for a flexible work environment, security and accessibility are in a never-ending competition. Every organization’s IT infrastructure is different, but most CISO’s would agree that a secure enterprise has a strong […]

Enabling Government Entities with Smarter Security

Norfolk County Council is the top tier governing body in Norfolk, England, providing services to approximately 900,000 residents under seven local district councils. The council employs 22,000 people across various departments including adult social care, children’s social care, procurement, customer services, community and environmental services, and others. Norfolk County Council […]

Holland Casino: Working Smarter Using a Governance-based Approach

Holland Casino is a government-owned gaming and entertainment provider in the Netherlands that has over 4,600 employees and contractors. They operate over 14 casinos, and needed an end-to-end identity governance solution to automatically and securely deliver access to their workforce. Holland Casino’s identity journey began in 2010 when an identity […]

Sacramento Municipal Utility District: Safely and Securely Enabling Their Workforce

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is the sixth largest community-owned power company in the United States, servicing more than 600,000 customers in and around Sacramento. They have been recognized as an industry leader and award winner for their innovative energy efficiency programs, renewable power technologies and sustainable solutions for […]

Rockwell Automation Achieves Significant Savings with SailPoint IdentityIQ

Rockwell Automation faced a looming identity problem. Their legacy system, Sun’s IDM solution, was scheduled to sunset in 2014, so the company had to make a change. Rather than simply replacing one system with something newer, however, Rockwell wanted to get its identity and access management (IAM) program right once […]