Verify everything before granting AWS access

There’s no doubt about it, Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms allow IT teams to quickly stand up additional capacity to meet fluctuating demands. But when you’re establishing or migrating critical workloads to AWS, there’s something important you should know… Just using access management for your AWS access policies may not be enough.


enterprises will have hybrid IT environment by 2020 1


cloud breaches will be due to mismanaged credentials 2

SailPoint identity governance goes the extra mile to create a more secure and compliant environment for Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts and DevOps users.

Our platform allows you to:

  • Instantly grant or remove access for continuous compliance
  • Review complete audit trails of who accessed
    what and when
  • Create and enforce separation-of-duty (SoD)
    policies to decrease risk
  • Conduct AWS access certification reviews so
    you’re always audit ready

Strengthen and simplify your cloud security

With SailPoint you can govern all your enterprise applications and infrastructure — including AWS — from a single platform with centralized visibility and control. Gain the confidence of secure AWS resources with automated user access and identity governance.

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  1. Gartner, “Gartner Says a Massive Shift to Hybrid Infrastructure Services Is Underway,” April 5, 2017.
  2. Gartner, Data Center Journal.