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Announcing SailPoint for Microsoft Teams: Adapting identity security to help your employees be more collaborative anywhere

Maintaining a feeling of teamwork and enabling productivity in almost any environment is more important than ever. Work from anywhere is now the new norm and collaboration solutions play an integral part in helping remote teams stay productive. At SailPoint, our focus is on finding innovative ways to help our customers simplify identity security. Our customers tell us they want to limit the number of applications their employees use to do various tasks for two main reasons: 

  • Context-switching costs – Constantly Switching between numerous apps reduces the user’s productivity
  • Associated Learning curve – Different apps have different learning curves, and for new employees, the curve can be much higher. 

One of our core mantras is to simplify both the onboarding for new employees thus enabling them to be more productive quickly and enabling current employees to have the best possible experience. Imagine one of your employees using Teams as their main tool for collaboration, messaging, virtual meetings, etc. But they have just been assigned a new project from their manager and need access to a new application that was not included in their day one access. With our new integration, the employee can request access right from Teams without having to find another tool or make a request to the helpdesk. 

This integration gives users access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere from Teams. SailPoint for Microsoft Teams enables users to get the access they need to stay productive from within the tool they use the most, all while maintaining strict governance and compliance controls. This solution also deepens SailPoint’s relationship with Microsoft and allows us to unlock greater value for our mutual customers. We provide the most comprehensive identity security covering data, applications, and cloud resources for Microsoft platforms including Azure, Azure AD, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Office 365, and Teams. 

By using SailPoint for Microsoft Teams, your employees will be able to: 

  • Make role or application requests right within Teams using the shortcuts button for yourself or for others 
  • Cancel an access request if you don’t need it 
  • Approve or deny new access requests and add comments if needed  
  • Get notified when an access request is approved or denied along with comments 

All of this can be also accessed via the Teams mobile apps so you can perform these actions on the go! 

To learn more about SailPoint for Teams, be sure to check out our SailPoint for Teams integration page