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Identity Security: A continuous journey in the evolving digital landscape

As the saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change. For many organizations, that change can take many forms. For some, the change is enabling a work from-anywhere workforce. For others,  it is meeting new compliance standards or changing how they protect themselves from cyber risk. And for some companies, it is all three simultaneously (or even more.) Whether the change is driven by internal or external forces, businesses are constantly in a state of change and it is imperative that they keep up.   

Identity security is not a one-time destination but an ongoing journey.  

As organizations navigate this ever-changing world, it is crucial they recognize that their identity security solution has to evolve and change with them as well.   

However, to evolve and grow, identity solutions  must have the building blocks needed to solve identity problems today and be flexible enough to solve the identity problems of tomorrow. That is why, at SailPoint Navigate 2023, we are announcing  key advancements that will help organizations not only meet organizations existing identity needs but also give them the tools to tackle future threats, while they scale their business.  Here’s what’s new:  

SailPoint Atlas 

SailPoint Atlas is the next-generation multi-tenant SaaS platform that powers identity security for the modern enterprise today and tomorrow.  The platform is built on an AI-enabled SaaS framework and designed for organizations to start building an identity security program right where they are and then grow and solve new identity security challenges without the need to re-architect or re-engineer. As the foundation for our SailPoint Identity Security Cloud solutions (Business & Business Plus), Atlas includes the critical services organizations need for a strong identity security solution.  

SailPoint Data Access Security 

SailPoint Data Access Security empowers organizations to discover, govern, and secure critical unstructured data while improving identity and data security posture management. Data Access Security is designed as an integral part of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, and it minimizes hidden data risks with automated data discovery and classification, built-in governance workflows, and configurable out-of-the-box governance policies. 

SailPoint Activity Insights 

Confidently grant and maintain least privilege access by knowing usage patterns and activity trends for applications across the enterprise. SailPoint Activity Insights provides granular activity data at the application level to support access decisions, allows admins to compare individual activity to others within the organization to understand usage patterns, and eliminates unused licenses. 


Configurable homepage experience designed to quickly deliver data and actionable insights based on customer’s unique priorities. This customizable dashboard gives organizations control and enables them to surface their data quickly and efficiently in one place.  

So, my advice? Get comfortable with change and partner with an identity security solution foresees the changes ahead and ensures you are equipped. Enterprises must proactively adapt their identity security solutions to address new challenges, technologies, threats, and compliance requirements. Failing to do so can cost organizations millions and have dire consequences. In this ever-changing landscape, staying ahead is not just a strategy; it’s a necessity for the modern organization.