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Celebrating Transformation: 2023 Partner of the Year Awards

In the ever-evolving landscape of identity security, particularly in our predominantly SaaS-driven world, partnerships are integral to driving excellence. At SailPoint, we understand that our partners are not just facilitators of opportunities but stewards to successful implementations, ensuring our customers seamlessly navigate the digital identity realm and realize value as quickly as possible. The significance of fostering the right behaviors within our partner ecosystem is paramount to us, aligning with our commitment to customer success.

Before we delve into the remarkable accomplishments of our partners, let’s take a moment to highlight the backbone of our collaborative efforts—the launch of the SailPoint Partner Fleet Program in 2023. The program is a manifestation of our dedication to empowering partners and enabling them to optimize their businesses to drive successful outcomes with our mutual clients. As our business continues to evolve and grow, it is crucial that our partner ecosystem evolves with us, and the Partner Fleet program was designed to support this evolution.

As we embark on celebrating the Partner of the Year Awards, these values underpin the recognition bestowed upon partners who have exemplified excellence, collaboration, and a shared commitment to customer success.

Global Partner of the Year – PwC
PwC is recognized as the SailPoint Global Partner of the Year because of their deep and loyal partnership cross-functionally. By aligning across all three pillars of the SailPoint Partner Fleet Program—Delivery Services, Solution and Advisory, and Drive Growth PwC has strategically engaged with the field, product and marketing teams on collaborative initiatives which have resulted in unprecedented success on the global stage.

Regional Partner of the Year- AMS – Optiv
Optiv’s contribution and engagement in the Americas teams was unsurpassed. Their dedication to providing value to clients quickly and efficiently produced outstanding achievements, positioning them as leaders in this dynamic market.

Regional Partner of the Year- APAC- Turnkey
In the Asia-Pacific region, Turnkey has distinguished itself through strategic alignment and execution against the SailPoint Partner Fleet Program, driving significant growth across revenue, services and influence within the region and setting a standard for excellence in the APAC market.

Regional Partner of the Year- EMEA- KPMG
KPMG has played a pivotal role in our joint success in the EMEA region. Their commitment to collaborative teaming and successful customer outcomes has strengthened our partnership and significantly contributed to our success in this diverse and dynamic market.

Drive Growth Partner of the Year-Carahsoft
Carahsoft’s relentless pursuit of growth perfectly aligns with the core tenets of the Drive Growth pillar of the SailPoint Partner Fleet Program. Their engagement with SailPoint to create revenue-generating plans and their ability to execute against all facets of those plans has been pivotal to our collective partnership and has earned Carahsoft distinction amongst their peers.

Delivery Services Partner of the Year- IDMWORKS
IDMWORKS has surpassed the standard for delivery services. Their well-deserved title as Delivery Services Partner of the Year recognizes their consistent delivery of exceptional services, high customer satisfaction levels, and strong cross-functional relationships at SailPoint. IDMWORKS stands out as a reliable and exemplary partner, consistently exceeding expectations in service engagements and contributing significantly to our joint success.

Solutions & Advisory Partner of the Year- Deloitte
Deloitte’s partnership with SailPoint is exemplified by its strategic insights and industry influence, driving trust and adoption of identity security programs. Deloitte’s distinction lies in its role as a trusted advisor, actively guiding customers in identifying tailored solutions for their most pressing identity challenges.

Global Impact Partner of the Year- Accenture
Global Impact Partner of the Year, Accenture, has created a partnership with SailPoint that drives significant revenue and services through their holistic approach to customer success. Beyond this, their ability to impact not only within their organization but also in shaping the landscape of the industry at large has resulted in significant momentum in 2023.

Our partners’ unwavering commitment, innovative spirit, and collaborative efforts have been instrumental in our joint success over 2023. The SailPoint Partner Fleet Program serves as the guiding force behind our achievements, and together, we have set new standards for excellence. Here’s to our partners and the remarkable journey ahead!

Thank you for being an integral part of our collaborative journey.

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