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SailPoint Named Best in KLAS 2024 in Identity Management  

Authored by Bridget Haraslic, Product Marketing Manager – Industry 

SailPoint is proud to announce we’ve been named Best in KLAS 2024 in Identity Management. The KLAS award recognizes software and services companies that excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. A Best in KLAS award signifies to the healthcare IT industry the level of commitment and partnership that top vendors should provide.  

KLAS Identity Management falls under the Security and Privacy category. KLAS describes Identity Management as technology solutions that enable and secure digital identities through administrative control across multiple systems for multiple user types. 

Within the Identity Management KLAS award, healthcare organizations reported that SailPoint led in customer experience pillars of Culture, Loyalty, and Value. SailPoint has long been trusted by top US healthcare providers and has shown continuous commitment to quality and innovation.  

Identity security in healthcare 
Hospitals and provider organizations often struggle to balance rapid access provisioning with cyber security best practices. A manual approach only scales so wide and can leave healthcare organizations vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

SailPoint’s AI-driven solutions help healthcare organizations accelerate clinician access while retaining strong identity security. SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, a multi-tenant SaaS-based solution manages and secures access to critical data and applications for every identity. Customers can seamlessly grant, modify, or revoke access as users join, change roles, or leave an organization. 

Tools powered by AI help healthcare cybersecurity teams reduce their attack surface by granting precision access to only what clinicians need to do their job; nothing more. SailPoint’s intelligent automation helps customers make better access decisions faster, spot potential threats, and maintain optimized access models.  

At SailPoint we understand healthcare’s complex user populations and assist organizations secure identities with challenging use cases such as one-to-many roles within multiple authoritative sources.  

SailPoint’s Connectivity applies core enterprise identity security capabilities to govern the critical applications, systems, and tools that organizations use every day. SailPoint’s EHR integrations across Epic, Cerner, and MEDITECH enable healthcare organizations with 360-degree visibility and a unified and comprehensive approach to governing access to critical healthcare systems.  

This visibility also extends to diverse non-employee populations. Healthcare typically hires many non-employees such as travel nurses, contractors, and affiliated physicians. SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management allows organizations to define and manage risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for non-employees to enable clinicians faster and reduce security risk.  

Why SailPoint 
SailPoint reduces cyber risk, frees up IT time, and prevents clinician friction by helping healthcare onboard clinicians on Day 1. SailPoint takes immense pride in winning Best in KLAS for Identity Management. Download the 2024 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report for details and visit SailPoint healthcare identity security to learn how we can help your organization. 

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