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How to get ahead with identity security in a SLED agency

Pop quiz: what industries aren’t being attacked by bad actors? 

Answer: none. 

But state, local, education (SLED) agencies are especially under attack due to expanding hybrid workforces, high-risk excess entitlements, manual processes, and staffing shortages. Agencies need to efficiently control access to all applications, systems, and sensitive citizen data. 

But most don’t know where to start. Placing identity security at the core of your cybersecurity strategy and digital transformation can enable SLED agencies to:  

  • Implement artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that can automate identity security and alleviate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes  
  • Maintain continuous compliance by enabling more accurate access certification decisions  
  • Automate audit reports and dashboard KPIs  
  • Provide robust identity security access controls and reporting to mitigate rising cybersecurity insurance costs 

That’s where SailPoint comes in. 

Learn how we can help you develop an identity program that can scale to meet your agency’s needs today.