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Friday Quick Take: Securely Enabling Government Employees

We often hear of employee churn in the federal government, particularly as new administrations take office. Hear from SailPoint’s Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Cunningham on Federal News Radio on how the power of identity allows agencies to manage this turnover and enable their employees to be productive and secure from day one.

Mistaken Identity: Clear Eyes, Full Data, Can’t Lose

Ok, so you have the largest data lake in the hemisphere, but now what do you do with it? David Lee and Mike Kiser welcome Gianni Aiello to explore how big data can be triaged even while the first few rounds of analytics begin to surface answers to pressing questions. […]

Mistaken Identity: Kylo Ren as AI

Artificial Intelligence can be the perfect tool, but it is created and wielded by imperfect people. What guardrails can be put into place to prevent it from merely mirroring our own biases and prejudices? David Lee and Mike Kiser explore the dark side of algorithms gone awry. Also examined: browser […]

Friday Quick Take: Federal Identity Governance

The network perimeter isn’t what it used to be. Identity is the new perimeter, and that extends to the government. Hear from SailPoint’s Chief Strategy Officer Kevin Cunningham in the clip below on the power of identity in the federal government. This interview was originally published on Federal News Radio.

Quick Take: Facing Government Cybersecurity Challenges with the Power of Identity

The following is an excerpt from the whitepaper State and Local Government Cybersecurity and Compliance: The Importance of a Complete Identity and Access Management Strategy. Social Security numbers, driver’s license records, health and tax information. These are the pieces of citizen data spread far and wide across both our state and […]

Friday Quick Take: Why Healthcare Providers are at Risk of Breach

Identity governance is foundational to any cybersecurity program. However, healthcare providers who only focus their identity governance program across applications, expose themselves to unnecessary risks. No matter how secure your database, sensitive data tends to escape and migrate to unsecured locations. This can lead to serious financial, operational and reputational […]

Mistaken Identity: Spectre, Meltdown, and the Identitrain

2018 is here—with an opening salvo that underscores the need for security in every layer, all the way down to silicon. We delve into the world of Spectre and Meltdown, attempt to explain it with a non-technical analogy, and then explore what it means for both chip vendors and the […]

The Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack

Thycotic is a SailPoint Identity+ Alliance partner.  This blog post was previously shared on their blog, The Lockdown. Not all hacks, or data breaches, are equal. While many breaches result in inconvenience and minor financial losses, others have the potential to devastate your organization’s finances, credibility, privacy, ability to meet […]

Friday Quick Take: Taking Healthcare Cybersecurity Beyond Compliance

Compliance is a term that grabs the attention of almost any healthcare security professional. After all, healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. The HIPPA fines alone for non-compliance can cost an organization $1.5 million a year. Given the consequences of non-compliance and the effort […]

Charting Uncharted Waters: The Challenges of Governing Access to Unstructured Data

In the first installment of “Charting Uncharted Waters” we discussed the impact unstructured data is having on identity governance program teams as sensitive data quickly escapes from applications and platforms and comes to reside in a wide-range of file storage systems. In this installment, I will dive “under the water” […]