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Identity Talks

Women in Identity Security LIVE! Finding Your Champion Panel

The new year represents a time to reflect and set goals for the upcoming year. As we enter 2021, we should all make a career resolution to find our own champion. Finding a champion in the workplace and in life is important. The champions you make during your career will […]

Three Questions with Solution Architect Sowmya Sanagapalli

Stay positive, and don’t compare yourself to others. That is the advice SailPoint solution architect Sowmya Sanagapalli would give women starting their careers in 2021. Sowmya began as a Java developer in Bangalore, India, in 2009, worked in Sydney for few years, and moved to the USA- despite the challenges […]

Why Working from Home Opened a Cybersecurity Pandora’s Box

Working from home means different things to different people. Almost by all, it’s considered a privilege made possible by technology. For some, it’s considered to be a bit of a challenge (at times) if you also have family members working from home or children (in my case, a five-month-old puppy). […]

You Can’t Get a Rain Check on Security

Before the pandemic, I shared a communal lunch table with a group of researchers and while making small talk, I asked how long they had been working on the drug they were discussing. There was a collective sigh and one of the researchers, who happened to be in her last […]

Defining and Prioritizing Competitive Digital Strategies Post-COVID

Reduce the technological deficit, accelerate the integration of the operational ecosystem, accelerate the distance versus competitors, expand the automation of the governance of digital identities and revalidate the value chain of business-critical suppliers. As we see the exit from the crisis tunnel and following the previous reflections on the winning […]

Election Security: The Observers

A new season of Mistaken Identity is here with a special focus on election security, voting systems, and their impact on democracy. We have a range of guests coming to explain the ins and outs of election observing, online voting, and the current state of election security both in the […]

Why You Need a Zero Trust Strategy Now

Here is what we know. Digital transformation can provide many innovative benefits, but if not properly implemented, it could introduce risk. That is why many organizations are taking an identity-focused zero-trust approach in their security strategies. We all know the saying that “it takes a village,” and that rings true […]

A Conversation with SailPoint and Microsoft

Join SailPoint CRO, Matt Mills and Microsoft’s President of US Enterprise Business, Matt Renner as they discuss the importance of identity in today’s new world and how the SailPoint+ Microsoft partnership is solving the complex security and compliance needs of businesses. Matt Renner shares how Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud offerings coupled […]

The Identity Lightbulb Moment

One of the things I run into a lot when talking with customers and prospects is this notion that identity governance is a project, a point-in-time initiative that fits in between a whole host of other IT priorities meant to support and match the velocity of the business. But let […]

Discover, Manage, Monitor, and Secure All Access to Your IaaS Environments

We know that 74% of companies use more than one IaaS provider, with almost half using three or more. Today’s featured tech talk shows you how SailPoint automates, secures and manages access to all those platforms, from AWS to Google Cloud Platform. In this session you will learn: how Cloud Access […]