Simplify the automation of identity security

Your entire digital ecosystem is more connected than ever, and the ability to tailor business workflows to the specific needs of your enterprise is essential. But as your business becomes more connected and complicated your identity security strategy must keep pace to keep you protected.

With SailPoint Workflows, you can simplify the integration and automation of identity security processes with just a few clicks. A simple drag-and-drop interface streamlines workflow setup through APIs and event triggers, delivering security and compliance with confidence.

Unlock productivity with an identity security platform built on an extensible framework, as well as automate and infuse identity security into your critical business processes and workflows.

Take the complexity out of workflows.

SailPoint Workflows give you the power to:

Accelerate identity processes
Automate use cases such as event-driven certifications and custom approvals.

Adjust and adapt easily
Quickly create, update, remove, and replicate identity-related workflows.

Extend identity across the business
Connect to and create actionable workflows across your apps and systems with a fully extensible platform.

Strengthen security
Go beyond a human-based, manual approach to protect against today’s security risks at scale.

How does Workflows work?

Workflows Animation

Benefits of no-code workflows

  • Automatically generate a certification campaign when an employee changes roles
  • Disable all associated accounts when an employee leaves the organization
  • Auto-generate a ticket to investigate an aggregation issue

Leverage SailPoint Workflows in:

  • Removing the complexity of building tailored workflows — without code
  • Reducing workload on teams by automating repetitive tasks
  • Ensuring continuous compliance and security with automated workflows
  • Embedding identity across the enterprise with workflows that connect to your existing business processes, apps and systems

Learn how certification campaigns can be automatically created.

Simplify automation, focus on connecting and protecting your business.

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