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Congratulations SailPoint customer award winners!

At SailPoint, we know that when our customers succeed, we succeed. That’s why we value their stories and journeys as much as ours. Our amazing customers have always raised their hands to share their expertise and success stories. That’s why we are so excited to take a moment to celebrate our customers. 

Navigate, our annual conference, wouldn’t be complete without our Customer Awards Program. Every year, we honor a select number of global customers, demonstrating that identity is essential to their business. These customers represent SailPoint’s core values of innovation and impact. Please join me in congratulating and thanking each award winner listed below. 

Identity Security Champions: We would like to recognize three customers that have shown leadership and innovation in the areas of automation, integration, and intelligence in their identity security program. These three companies are leading the way in identity security and proving that it is core to their business. Congratulations to: 

Humana – Humana will automate nearly 22 million actions this year with SailPoint. That’s equivalent to over 500 FTE worth of effort. They also are looking to the cloud and taking advantage AI & machine learning to reduce risk exposure, streamline processes and make their employees more effective, reduce costs, manage compliance, and support continued growth. 

Trane Technologies – Trane Technologies is not only automating identity security at scale, but doing so with a focus on sustainability. With a combination of SailPoint IdentityNow and SaaS Workflows, they have dramatically reduced manual support tickets from 100K per year to 60,000. Automation enables them to fulfill an access request in just 30 seconds! 

VSP Vision – VSP Vision is improving user experience while increasing identity security and reducing risk. They are integrating with Workday, SAP, Salesforce, Snowflake and more. In fact, according to one of the Snowflake consultants working to bring Snowflake into VSP, their IdentityNow integration with Snowflake “is on the bleeding edge for access management and getting it set up.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Admiral of the Year:  As much as a great pitch and amazing product demo can wow you, nothing is more powerful than the voice of a customer. We are grateful for all of our customers in the Admirals Club reference program, and two have gone far above and beyond in sharing their experience with SailPoint. From speaking at Navigate to taking 1:1 calls from other customers to allowing us to film on-site and capture their story, these two SailPoint advocates are in a class of their own.   

David Hetzler, Director of Cybersecurity at The Home Depot

Andy Weeks, Associate VP, Identity & Access Management at Humana

Digital Transformation Award:  Digital Transformation is a term that is bandied about a lot these days. What does it mean? It’s figuring out how to use technologies to deliver or improve products and services and to streamline process. Moving to a SaaS based model enables growth, resilience and efficiency—and is a catalyst for broader digital transformation. Our award winner has really embraced not only moving their SailPoint solution to the cloud, but also the wider digital transformation for their business. We are proud to recognize ExxonMobil.

Community Awards North Star: SailPoint is proud to introduce, for the first time, the North Star program, SailPoint Community’s super user benefits program. These members are our Identity Security community advocates who contribute their knowledge to advance the industry forward. Individuals who’ve helped others learn by way of authoring solutions, posting in product forums, answering community questions, leading or engaging in User Groups, welcoming new members, and in general, just getting people excited about the identity security space.

Vishal Kejriwal, Salesforce 

Matthew Uribe, Moran Technology 

Surjan Kshetri, Capital One 

Kalyan Kumar Saha, Tata Consultancy Services 

Pitam Dutta, Tata America International Corporation 

Pritish Moharana, Deloitte 

Gaurav Jain, IDMWorks 

Find out more about the benefits of the community.

Each of these customers rose to the challenge of securing their company against evolving threats. We want to thank these customers for continuing to deliver on their commitment to innovation and for leading the way. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next.