In today’s modern enterprise, the responsibility for securing an organization falls on everyone in the entire organization—from IT to security to the individual contributor and even the boardroom. Understanding your company’s security posture should be a company-wide practice, and getting buy-in from executives is the first step. In this panel discussion, we look at the strategies you can use to drive security initiatives from the top-down and secure your business with the core of identity security. In this discussion, we’ll discuss:

  • Why security expert presence is becoming imperative on the board level, what’s behind that trend, and how to ensure the right expert is in the right seat
  • How to get buy-in on security initiatives – with 94% of security breaches happening due to employee errors, identity security should be at the crux of Enterprise business continuity
  • How do you report to the board on current security posture? What does this look like day-to-day and how do you report around key moments such as earning calls or news-cycle days?


Ron Green – Board of Directors – SailPoint and CISO at MasterCard
Heather Gantt-Evans – CISO at SailPoint
Michael Stewart – Assistant Vice President of Information Security at USAA

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