• Gouvernance du cloud
December 5, 2018

There is a massive transformation happening across the globe as every business leverages the power of technology to keep themselves competitive.

This digital transformation has had vast implications to the speed of business, but it has also made managing users and resources significantly more complex. Modern business environments are more open and interconnected than ever before. Employees, contractors, suppliers and business partners need to access company resources from a variety of devices and locations.

Additionally, the simplicity of adopting cloud applications has driven a dramatic increase in the number of applications that sit beyond the traditional network perimeter. And in some cases, these cloud applications may also be used alongside legacy on-premises applications and systems.

Enterprise organizations of all sizes are increasingly aware of the need for security and compliance solutions that provide visibility and control over these complex IT environments. While aware of the need for stronger risk management and audit performance, they are sensitive to solutions that may add additional burden to already stretched IT and security teams.

Identity is Foundational

So, what is the common thread connecting all these users and applications? Their identities.

The management of who has access to what, what access do they have, if they should have that access, and how are they using that access is known as identity governance. Identity has become the glue that binds all users and applications together, while also acting as the wall that keeps unauthorized users away from sensitive data.

Historically, identity governance solutions have been leveraged by large enterprises with big compliance challenges and complex provisioning needs. When other organizations wanted to leverage the power of identity, they were limited in their ability to take on the operational overhead of managing additional hardware, software and processes around updates and customizations.

Fortunately, there is a solution that addresses and eliminates these barriers to entry. IdentityNow eliminates costly hardware infrastructure requirements, dedicated engineering teams to manage day to day operations and extensive customization and scripting requirements.

SailPoint IdentityNow

IdentityNow lowers the barrier to entry for organizations that need accessible and scalable solutions to securing access to their systems, applications and data. It is delivered from the cloud as a SaaS-based identity solution for quick deployment and ease of management.

IdentityNow is certified compliant to ISO 27001: 2103 and SOC2 Type2 security standards

IdentityNow has led the way in enabling enterprises of all different sizes to bridge the gap between risk, compliance and productivity through identity governance. From providing visibility and control over who has access to cloud and on-premise applications, to improving audit performance, IdentityNow has been designed for teams that want to improve and simplify security and compliance processes while reducing IT overhead.

IdentityNow enables organizations to:

  • Ensure everyone has the right access for their respective roles
  • Provision or terminate user access to any application
  • Define and enforce access policies
  • Continuously verify that users have appropriate access
  • Demonstrate proof-of-compliance to auditors
  • Reduce helpdesk calls related to password resets and requests for access

All this results in tightened security protocols which reduce the risk of a breach and mitigate damage should a breach occur.

Additionally, IdentityNow speeds ease of management and time to value through:

Rapid Deployment

Simplify initial deployment with easy to configure identity processes, connect to all on-premises and cloud applications, and achieve quick time-to-value.

Zero Infrastructure

Leveraging a SaaS deployment model, IdentityNow removes the day to day management of hardware and software infrastructure while releasing frequent and seamless updates that require zero downtime to implement.

Ease of Use

Every IT administrator, security professional or business analyst performs like a power user with intuitive UI and guided workflows to accomplish sophisticated identity related tasks. End users gain instant visibility and the ability to self service identity functions like requesting access and unlocking of accounts when passwords are forgotten.

Built in Best Practices

IdentityNow is configurable around best practice standards, which enable IT and Security teams to quickly experience success without having to be identity experts.

The Power of Identity is Available to Everyone

Digital transformation will continue to reshape the way businesses operate, and the need for speed and flexibility will only increase the pressure on security and compliance programs. Identity governance has become the foundation to enabling this transformation across these increasingly evolving hybrid environments. Thankfully, through a simplified user experience and the ease of management afforded by a cloud deployment, IdentityNow makes identity governance more accessible than it has ever been before.

From initial deployment to day-to-day management, IdentityNow ensures that IT and security teams are able to simplify their security and compliance efforts while accelerating the productivity of the business.

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