The Core Components of Identity Security

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Enterprise security starts and ends with identities, yet the ability to manage and secure identities today has moved well beyond human capacity. A peripheral, one-size-fits-all security product simply won’t cut it. You need a solution that goes to the core.

A sphere made up of several profile images representing different identities.

Secure every identity with exponential intelligence.

At the core of Identity Security is artificial intelligence and machine learning that automates the discovery, management, and control of ALL user access throughout their digital lifecycle. This ensures that each identity always has the right access needed to do their job – no more, no less – from first day requests to last day removals.

Empower your workforce through frictionless automation.

At the core of Identity Security is automation to streamline identity processes and decisions, such as access requests, role modeling, and access certifications. It pays the ultimate dividend: freeing your workers to focus on innovation, collaboration, and productivity, while reducing risk and improving total cost of ownership.

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A collection of hexagons with different icons that shape a sphere to represent integration.

Connect your entire infrastructure with comprehensive integration.

At the core of Identity Security is seamless integration with your entire digital ecosystem to centrally control access to all data, applications, systems, and cloud infrastructure. No matter how complex your business environment or where it operates — in the cloud, on premises, or hybrid — Identity Security meets you where you are. Always secure. Always compliant. 

Choose a partner with uncompromising integrity.

At the core of Identity Security is cutting edge technology backed by a partner with uncompromising integrity. Responsiveness. Attention to detail. World-class service. Relentless commitment to customer success. The very highest standard of business practices and customer care. A bond of unwavering trust.

At the core of Identity Security is SailPoint. Trusted by the world’s largest, most complex organizations.

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