Complete 360-degree visibility on each identity using artificial intelligence and machine learning

AmeriGas Evolves Identity Security with the Power of AI

AmeriGas, the largest propane company in the US, has seen their identity security program completely evolve over the last five years. On their quest for a SaaS solution and a framework to guide them within the best practices of identity management, they’ve been able to automate and control user provisioning, access certifications and password management. And with the power of AI-drive recommendations, they can make smart access choices, keeping their organization compliant and secure.

quote … but the real kind of added value has been all of the AI realm.”

Christopher Martin, Manager of Identity & Access Security

Gain new insight into identity and access with the ability to:

Find and address
hidden risk

AI insights understands and compares access among users with similar roles to easily find access anomalies including over-provisioned access.

Identify and eliminate
Shadow IT

Discover your entire SaaS footprint and
any unauthorized or hidden SaaS applications to reduce costs and minimize security risks.

Automate access with
smart recommendations

AI insights using peer group analysis, identity attributes and access activity helps you easily decide what access should be approved, removed or requested.

Address access risk
before it’s provisioned

Real-time access risk analysis identifies potential risks before access is granted to users.

Prevent toxic access

Dynamic access policy logic provides ongoing safeguards and separation-of-duties to help avoid potential fraud or theft.

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