Secure your sensitive healthcare data.

SailPoint allows you to enforce consistent access and corporate compliance policies across Epic. The number of individual patient records that were breached in the second half of 2020 nearly tripled compared to the first half of the year1, so it becomes critical to make sure your sensitive healthcare data stays protected.

  • Create a more secure environment for health records
  • Automate processes to reduce compliance risk
  • Ensure clinicians and other users have the access they need, when and where they need it
  1. 2020 H2 Healthcare Breach Report, Critical Insight, 2020

Control employee and provider access to sensitive healthcare data

How does SailPoint integrate with Epic?

SailPoint imports employee and entitlement data from Epic to manage identity profiles — including adding and removing access to health records. With our integration, you can change employee, as well as non-employee, data access in minutes.

Aggregate accounts and entitlements

Blue arrow pointing to SailPoint from Epic with label: Aggregate and update employee records. Purple arrow pointing to Epic from SailPoint: Create, update, and disable accounts
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Provide self-service access requests

End user request for access to epic. access request submitted for approval. if approved, access is granted and requestor is informed.
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Automate access changes

Employee changes role and access needs to be updated. Identity profile is updated based on role change. Access entitlements in Epic are adjusted. Updates are adjusted for user.
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With SailPoint you can:

Accelerate identity
management deployment

Integrate compliance and lifecycle processes into Epic without the need for custom development.

Minimize interruption to
provider care operations

Reduce downtime for new clinical staff and transfers by automating changes to access rights in Epic.

Create a secure access environment

Mitigate security risks by applying uniform access policies and controls across all applications.

Reduce compliance risks

Avoid regulatory non-compliance by automating processes to reduce human error.

Take the first step to protect your
sensitive healthcare data

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