Does your privileged access management strategy have dangerous security gaps?

If you’re managing PAM outside of your identity program, chances are the answer is yes. With 80% of security breaches linked to privileged access,1 you need complete visibility of all privileged and non-privileged users to catch any toxic access combinations before they cause a security nightmare. Our unified cloud identity governance platform makes it easier than ever before.

  • See privileged and non-privileged user access with a centralized view
  • Automatically enforce user access policies and identify violations
  • Streamline access provisioning based on user role and lifecycle changes for all users
  1. The Forrester Wave: Privileged Identity Management, Q3 2016

How do SailPoint and CyberArk work together?

Our CyberArk integration provides:

Centralized visibility

  • Gain visibility into all user access — including privileged accounts
  • Aggregate container/safe contents and permissions beyond the account level
  • See who has access and who granted that access through simple search and filtering functions

Lifecycle management

  • Eliminate privileged access delays by synchronizing lifecycle events, like role changes or separation-of-duties (SoD)
  • Reduce fulfillment errors with automated provisioning
  • Mitigate entitlement creep and orphaned privileged accounts with timely de-provisioning

Policy management

  • Extend SoD policies to include privileged access
  • Improve adherence to SoD policies with centralized policy administration

Access certification

  • Consolidate certifications for privileged and non-privileged accounts
  • Certify users have the right access to the right safes
  • Certify composition of PAM containers

Strengthen the security of your most valuable assets with integrated identity management

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