Centralize control of your privileged account access

When it comes to truly securing user access, you need a comprehensive view of all privileged and non-privileged account access. SailPoint integration with BeyondTrust gives you that oversight. Plus, it empowers your IT administrators, specialists and executives with the privileged access they need, while also maintaining strong and consistent security and compliance controls.

  • Get a centralized view of user access across all privileged and non-privileged accounts
  • Automatically remove unnecessary privileged accounts as users switch jobs or leave the company
  • Streamline account and entitlement provisioning, deprovisioning, access request approvals and workflow

Get visibility into your access

Priveledged vs Non-Priveledged Accounts

Our BeyondTrust integration provides:

Automated access

Set up privileged user policies based on specified roles and responsibilities, then automatically grant access to the right applications and data.

Centralized management

View and manage all standard and privileged account system access in a centralized console.

Reduced risk

Alleviate the threats of entitlement creep with automated, time- sensitive deprovisioning, removing unnecessary privileged accounts as users switch jobs or leave the company.

Improved compliance

Use governance controls to ensure that all users have correct access to the right PAM safes, preventing over-entitled uses and documenting that access for audits.

Secure your valuable assets with integrated identity governance and PAM

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