Protect your mission-critical AWS resources

Access to your AWS and DevOps environments needs to be secured and governed like the rest of the infrastructure. With SailPoint’s AWS integration, you can instantly grant or remove access, improving security, compliance and productivity.

  • See who is accessing your AWS environments
  • Gain more control over federated accounts
  • Increase security for your cloud resources

Control who has access to your AWS accounts

How does SailPoint integrate with AWS?

SailPoint imports AWS user identity information to help you manage DevOps resources. With our integration, you can govern AWS federation for a more secure cloud infrastructure.

Aggregation of AWS access information

AWS diagram

Federation support

AWS diagram

SailPoint AWS governance features include:

Full support for AWS users, groups and policies

Administer AWS resources more confidently with secure, automated governance that complies to changing AWS policies — including access certification and separation-of-duty.

Policy snapshot history

Get accurate audit trails of who accessed what data and when, to help you correctly approve access certifications.

Federation mapping

Reduce the administration overhead costs of managing access to AWS environments, while also decreasing account/entitlement sprawl within AWS.

Advanced separation-of-duty (SoD) policies

Decrease security risks by creating SoD policies based on AWS roles, groups, policies and permissions.

Take control of your cloud platform

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