July 13, 2020

See how SailPoint Predictive Identity helps you protect sensitive data and address data privacy regulations with confidence.

Video Transcript

Data theft and breaches are on the rise, prompting the introduction of global data privacy regulations to protect consumer, health, financial and other sensitive information. Organizations across all industries now face the daunting task of addressing existing and future data privacy requirements that are still coming into effect across the globe. How can organizations effectively address all these regulations by protecting sensitive information and ensure compliance in an efficient and cost-effective manner? 

It all starts with access. By ensuring workers possess the least amount of access needed to do their job, you minimize the potential of data theft or breach. SailPoint identity enables you to manage and control user access to sensitive information – no matter where it resides.

SailPoint Predictive Identity uses the power of AI and machine learning to:

  • Find where sensitive data is stored across complex and hybrid environments,
  • Identify who has access, how that access was given, and who really should have access,
  • Define and enforce access controls to protect who can access sensitive information,
  • And monitor and detect anomalous user access activity to catch potential risk and help prevent a data breach.

Discover why organizations across the globe trust in SailPoint to protect sensitive data and address their data privacy regulations with confidence:

  • Get complete visibility of where sensitive information resides,
  • Centrally manage and control all access,
  • Know when suspicious activity is detected,
  • And generate audit-ready reports in minutes.

SailPoint Predictive Identity helps you automate the protection of your sensitive data.  It’s time to move beyond human ability alone. It’s time to embrace a strong foundation built upon AI-driven  identity.

It’s time, for SailPoint.

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