SailPoint CMO Juliette Rizkallah explains how you can use Identity Talks to master your new work lifestyle.

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Video Transcript

Juliette Rizkallah: Hello everyone I’m Juliette Rizkallah, Chief Marketing Officer at SailPoint and I want to welcome you to Identity Talks, a digital information hub built with you in mind, and is all about identity. During this time, we at SailPoint are determined to continue to get to you the identity to resources you need to help get information to remote workers quickly, productively and securely as possible.

To do so we decided to reach out to identity community. We started with our SailPoint identity experts. But we also reach your customers who have used our solution for years and also to our partners who can share many of their best practices. All of this is brought to you, under the format of the Identity Talks.

There you will be able to find demos of our solutions, interviews with identity professionals, and all this information will be there for you to answer questions would have had you met us at events at our booth or attending our sessions, but this is not just a temporary resource, though.

We are building this as a fixture on a website. And a place you can visit anytime from here on out. We look forward to seeing you soon. But until then, take a look around.

And remember that when you are ready. We are here to help you. Thank you.

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