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Government identity security

Achieve your identity security mission

Meet and exceed your agency’s Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) objectives by improving visibility and control of all access to government data no matter where it lives.


Identity Governance and Cybersecurity for the Australian Government

Governments face evolving, complex regulatory compliance requirements, and an urgent need to protect critical infrastructure and assets. Our purpose-built identity governance solution specifically caters to the unique needs of government agencies in Australia, large and small.

Our identity solutions ensure government agencies adhere to even the most stringent requirements while providing secure access to, and protection of, sensitive and privacy-protected data.

Whether you choose an on-premise or SaaS deployment model, our security-cleared, in-country service-desk provides peace of mind that your data and infrastructure is always secure and available.


Continuous compliance and robust preparedness

Our solutions aren’t just about tackling today’s challenges but preparing for tomorrow’s uncertainties. With SailPoint, you’re not just staying ahead of the curve; you’re redefining it.

Advanced AI and predictive analytics

Multi-tenant SaaS capability

Comprehensive Identity Governance insights for governmental structures

Flexible deployment models both on-premise and SaaS


We set the gold standard for identity security.

  • Cloud- Native, Multi-tenant Microservices Architecture: Forget the lag time and skyrocketing costs for upgrades from traditional managed services and monolithic platforms. Our next-generation multi-tenant, true SaaS platform; SailPoint Atlas is version-less to ensure you’re always on the latest version, and provides the flexibility and speed to solve new identity security challenges.
  • AI Driven Identity Security: Make better decisions faster and gain operational efficiencies with trusted automation and data intelligence to proactively discover, manage, and control all user access. Even the most complex identity security processes can be securely automated and optimised.
  • Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) Assessment: Go beyond compliance with our unique approach to the IRAP assessment, meticulously evaluating 900 controls based on a multi-tenant microservice architecture.
  • In-Country Service Desk: Gain confidence in your security programs with Australia’s only in-country dedicated service desk and 24/7 1-800 number for government support.
  • Follow the Sun Support: Our government-trained, pre-security cleared staff operate on a follow the sun model, ensuring round-the-clock vigilance.

Tailored Solutions for Government

Our flexible identity governance solutions meet the unique requirements of government organisations to ensure secure access to critical services and data while complying with regulatory standards.

SailPoint for Government

Comprehensive identity governance that protects critical infrastructure and manages access to sensitive data and meets regulatory compliance requirements.

SailPoint for Citizen:

Customised and secured data protection for citizens’ access to government services and platforms.


Verified Trust in our Capabilities

  • Aligned to Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight Strategies
  • Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) alignment
  • Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) Certification
  • SailPoint SaaS is hosted in Sydney
  • Long-Standing Collaboration with the Australian Signal Directorate’s (ASD) Information Security Manual (ISM) satisfying identity security standards
  • Dedicated Australian Federal Government Team and security-cleared Federal Government Support Desk


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US federal government

SailPoint identity security helps federal agencies secure citizen data and sensitive government resources through intelligent AI-driven identity security.

US state and local government

Meet and exceed your US state and local agency’s objectives by improving visibility and securing access to government data no matter where it lives.

Top 5 Use Cases for Identity Governance


How do you securely and promptly ensure the proper access to the right resources for new employees?


When employees change roles or departments, how does your system adapt their access rights to align with their new responsibilities?


When an employee exits the organisation, how efficiently and thoroughly can their access rights be revoked to mitigate potential security threats?


As roles evolve and responsibilities shift, how does your organisation periodically verify that employees’ access rights remain appropriate and necessary? Are you able to effectively enforce the principle of least privilege?

5.Audit & Reporting

With the mounting pressure of cyber audits and reporting requirements, how does your organisation maintain consistent visibility into the identity lifecycle? Can you readily produce detailed reports to prove regulatory compliance and identify potential vulnerabilities?


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