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Intelligent. Unified. Powerful.

SailPoint Atlas eliminates common identity management deployment hurdles by allowing organisations to tackle complex challenges without having to re-architect their solution—matching the scale, velocity, and changing needs of today’s cloud-oriented, modern enterprise.

Business value

Enable user access without compromising security

SailPoint Atlas is the unified platform that redefines identity security by uniting cutting-edge AI, a unified approach, and scalable architecture. It holistically fortifies enterprises ensuring security, efficiency, and adaptability in a dynamic digital landscape by strengthening access controls, policies, and processes, with unique insights and governance simplification.

Common Services

It starts with a solid foundation

SailPoint Atlas leverages a common set of services to power our AI-driven Identity Security Cloud solutions and provides speedier delivery, deeper integration, richer configuration, and reduced maintenance costs for our customers. Experience quick time-to-value, enhanced adoption, and improved user experiences, making SailPoint Atlas the strategic ally for confidently navigating the intricate landscape of identity security.

Data model

A robust, industry leading data model that uses a secure and standardized approach to access, manage, analyse, and report all identity data and the context necessary to optimise access.

Machine learning

A rich library of machine learning models providing personalised insights to help organisations make informed access decisions, remediate risky access in real-time and meet compliance requirements.

Event-driven orchestration

Automate simple and complex identity use cases through configurable workflows & forms when changes happen and avoid the need for manual intervention.

Personalised insights and

Demonstrate compliance and manage the performance of your identity program with personalised dashboards, notifications, reporting, and action-oriented insights across your identity ecosystem.


Seamlessly connect your entire ecosystem through thousands of connectivity options that extend your ability to embed identity context across your hybrid environments and to centrally manage and control access.


A framework that uses SailPoint’s APIs and event triggers to enable deep configuration across external systems empowering organisations to easily thread identity security across their ecosystem.


Start your identity security journey today

SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solution enables organisations to manage and secure real-time access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified approach.


Centralise & unify your
identity security

Build your foundation of identity security


Automate & optimise with AI, in

Extend your identity security

Business Plus

Mitigate risk & simplify processes
with advanced intelligence

Accelerate growth and transformation

Our Customers

Helping customers evolve their identity programs

Read how our clients use insights and advanced automation to maintain least privilege access, without compromising employee productivity


access to the critical applications


Service desk calls slashed


Identities to manage


Frequently asked questions

SailPoint Atlas is the unified identity platform that leverages six common services to power SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solutions allowing organisations to centrally discover, manage and secure all identity types, enterprise data and cloud infrastructure.

All Standard, Business and Business Plus customers will have SailPoint Atlas capabilities and common services as part of their identity security solution.

SailPoint Atlas helps enterprises maintain a single source of truth with full visibility and control across a hybrid environment using an extensive library of connectors to all critical applications. Our industry-leading data model and machine learning models provide personalised insights to help organisations make smarter decisions and automated workflows to improve business processes. Organisations can create custom integrations with identity adjacent systems and tools to extend safeguards across the entire identity fabric. For more information read this blog post.