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Uncover hidden risk and secure your critical data

Minimise your attack surface. Continuously improve your identity and data security posture. Enable zero-trust security.

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Accelerate your identity security transformation with confidence. Assess the maturity of your identity capabilities.


Say hello to integrated data governance

SailPoint Data Access Security empowers organisations with the ability to discover, govern, and secure critical unstructured data. Designed as a cloud-native solution with Identity Security Cloud, Data Access Security delivers enhanced data intelligence and governance capabilities to protect your most critical unstructured data assets.

Minimise unstructured data exposure risks with automated data discovery, classification, and access analysis. Increase productivity with automated workflows and built-in policies to ensure business continuity while staying secure. Get detailed insights and alerts on access to critical data to enable least-privilege access and satisfy compliance requirements.


Govern and protect your most critical data

Critical data proliferates across enterprises, exposing organisations to significant risk when not adequately governed and secured. This includes proprietary company research, trade secrets, operational data, and sensitive intellectual property.

SailPoint Data Access Security helps organisations secure critical information and proprietary unstructured data. But it goes beyond data. It delivers enhanced intelligence on unstructured data risks to empower security teams to holistically improve data security posture, reduce risk, and streamline identity security activities from day one.

  • Uncover unstructured data risk
    Find hidden data risks and reduce your attack surface. See who has access to critical data and how they are using it.
  • Streamline identity and data governance efforts
    Get a centralised view of identity and data security posture. Take action on critical data access directly in Identity Security Cloud.
  • Enable least-privilege access
    Monitor critical and proprietary data access and track progress over time. Automate data governance workflows to minimise access to the most critical assets.


Bells, whistles, and all the governance essentials

SailPoint Data Access Security extends your identity security controls so you can discover and govern access to critical data across the enterprise. Unlike other tools, Data Access Security delivers enhanced visibility and security along with the comprehensive governance capabilities of Identity Security Cloud.

  • See where critical unstructured data is located across the enterprise
  • Discover excessive and unused access to mitigate risks and reduce attack surface
  • Identity which users have access to unstructured data and how it is being used
  • Find and catalogue critical data including intellectual property and sensitive intellectual property
  • Get fine-grained detail on permissions, identities, and data types for analysis

Use Cases

Get control of your unstructured data

Employees are creating, downloading, extracting, copying, and sharing data across an ever-growing digital ecosystem. As a result, the potential attack surface has expanded. The risks: data breach, data loss, and lasting reputational damage.

Data Access Security helps organisations keep critical unstructured data safe.

Protect your organisation from data breach and theft

Understand your unstructured data risks. Prioritise the most critical assets and lock them down.

Automate essential data governance actions

Save time with automated data discovery, classification, and integrated data access governance workflows

Optimise digital transformation

Get better visibility and enhanced security for critical unstructured data assets before and after you migrate to the cloud.


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