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SailPoint Connectivity

Identity security for applications & systems

Comprehensive connectivity to help enterprises manage and govern access to critical enterprise applications.

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Identity security for enterprise-critical applications

When organisations don’t apply core identity security principles to govern internal applications and systems, it’s hard to get a clear view into who has access, enforce consistent policies, detect threats, and understand risks.

SailPoint Connectivity incorporates our core identity security capabilities with the critical applications, systems and tools that organisations use every day.

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Discover integrations for the applications you use the most

SailPoint’s extensive catalogue of connectors and integrations gives your organisation the ability to easily extend identity security to critical, everyday applications.

Whether built in-house, with strategic collaborators, or using standard, open source tools, our integrations help you ensure that the right users have the right access to the right systems, resources and applications.

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Explore SailPoint identity security capabilities

How mature is your identity security strategy?
How mature is your identity security strategy?

Discover the 5 horizons of identity security and take the assessment to see where you sit.

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The state of Identity in Australia & New Zealand

A comprehensive study, of 565 Australian and New Zealand professionals from a broad range of industry sectors participated in the research.

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Beach Energy gains greater visibility into user access

Beach Energy has been able to grant IT access rapidly, improve compliance, and manage security risk with greater visibility into user access.

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