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How to Incorporate SaaS Management Into Your Identity Security Program

This blog is part two in a three-part series exploring “What is SaaS Management?” In this installment, we’ll dig into the rise of SaaS and its incremental impact on identity security, and how this impacts IT teams. You can see the first installment of the series here: The Danger of SaaS Sprawl: […]

An Ocean of Data: Securing Unstructured Data in the Cloud

In a previous article, SailPoint EVP of Product, Grady Summers, depicts two seismic trends posing significant problems and challenges within organizations today: the rapid adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) – mainly through Shadow IT – and the creation and movement of massive amounts of sensitive corporate data into […]

Executive Insights: Steve McMahon Provokes Change at Splunk

Steve McMahon is the Chief Information Officer at Splunk. The CIO plays a critical role in helping IT professionals get the resources and the budget they need to maximize company productivity and make complex tasks easily achievable. The goal? Implement technology that is going to help your organization deliver a […]

Reducing Audit Events Lag From 1 Hour to 1 Second

Authors: Ajay Srinivas, Mark Bruce Audit events are critical to our clients for various reasons—most notably, compliance and troubleshooting. SailPoint’s Identity Security Platform audits all important changes to an identity such as role assignments, password change activities, access requests, and more. Audit events emitted by many different micro-services within the […]

Building a Cybersecurity Program & Career with Stuart Powell, CISO of the Government of Jersey

As part of our Executive Career Insights Program, we sit down with executives all around the world to hear the journey that’s taken them to where they are professionally today and a few things they’ve learned along the way. For this installment, we talked to Stuart Powell, CISO of the […]

The Danger of SaaS Sprawl: How Unsecured Apps Compromise Your Security

This blog is part one in a three-part series exploring “What is SaaS Management?” In this installment we’ll dig into the rise of SaaS and its incremental impact on identity security and how IT teams are being impacted. If there’s one thing that every modern enterprise has in common, it’s […]

Two Speeding Trains: The SaaS Race and Securing Unstructured Data

Remember that age-old SAT question: «if two speeding trains are heading in the same direction at different speeds, how long will it take for them to collide?» In many ways, this feels like the reality of enterprise IT today when it comes to SaaS application adoption. The use of SaaS […]

Identity Security at LogMeIn

A lot of the security issues that organizations face can be linked to employees. Whether it is abuse of systems or access credentials that have been compromised. People have always been the first line of defense in security. Organizations need to have a clear view over who has access to […]

The Implications of Bring Your Own Identity

When I was seventeen, I played one of the greatest roles of my life: “Mark Jannell.” A younger student who we’ll call “Tim” (not his name, of course) had just started at my high school, and after knowing me for several weeks, asked my name. Amused that he had forgotten […]

Sail On: The Second Chapter

Last year, on the day after April Fool’s Day, I wrote that I had heard the word “unprecedented” used daily. At that time, we were approximately half a month into lockdown, COVID-19 changed the world overnight, and we didn’t know how long the shutdown would last. And this was no «April Fool’s.» […]