Embrace Zero Trust

Minimise risk with a Zero Trust strategy

Use a Zero Trust security model to protect your users, data and systems at every point of access.


Identities are the new perimeter, make sure they’re secure

The shift to remote work and cloud-based services means more critical business operations are being conducted outside the corporate network. With this increased flexibility comes greater risk—cybercriminals have more opportunities than ever to infiltrate.

As the enterprise security perimeter evolves, employees, contractors, vendors, even bots are the new corporate firewall. That’s where SailPoint and the Zero Trust security model can make all the difference. Now you can efficiently verify every identity for every new access request to minimise risk at every touchpoint.

  • Gain a 360-degree view of all user types and their related access.
  • Automate access as users join, change roles or leave the organisation.
  • Leverage a single source of truth for access decision-making.
  • Deliver timely access through Least Privilege strategies.
  • Detect and prevent toxic access combinations.
  • Measure the effectiveness of access controls for apps, data and cloud services.


A holistic approach for maximum protection

Never trust, always verify

Go beyond simple authentication decisions and use a complete, up-to-date identity record for each user.

Deliver just enough, timely access

Ensure users only have access to the resources they need when they need them.

Continuously monitor, analyse, adapt

Keep security up-to-date and adapt as changes happen and when new threats are detected.

Enable cloud migration

Identity authentication is essential in the cloud. Third-party service providers can be a common infiltration path for attackers.

Zero Trust is key to safeguarding cloud resources, processes and workloads.

Keep remote workers productive

At home or at the nearest coffee shop, laptops are common toe-holds for cyber attackers.

With work-from-anywhere the new normal, an identity-based Zero Trust approach is best for minimising risk.

Mitigate risk globally

An Identity-based Zero Trust model adds controls and oversight into user access and movement across your IT infrastructure.

SailPoint integrates with other IT and security apps for maximum visibility.

Customer Stories

Leading companies count on SailPoint for Zero Trust

quote The more that we can minimise and control that user access and automate it, the better we can authenticate our users with more certainty and better manage that risk.

Aaron Finnis, Information Security Manager at Beach Energy


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An integrated approach to Zero Trust


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