Beyond Access Management, A Path to Governance 

Australian and New Zealand organisations are aware of the constant digital threat to their operations and the need to develop a solid cyber security posture. Yet, the lack of accountability, siloed security strategies, and an underdeveloped cyber security culture continue to expose enterprises to constant exploits despite the availability of best-in-class security technologies.

IBRS in conjunction with SailPoint, executed a comprehensive survey, conducted in 2022. A total of 565 Australian and New Zealand professionals from a broad range of industry sectors participated in the research. The study was based on both a quantitative survey (completed by 565 respondents) and interviews with 30 senior stakeholders responsible for their organisations’ identity and access programs.

Organisations acknowledge the necessity of implementing robust security practices, it becomes clear that the true issue is that many organisations are not communicating the benefits of modern identity solutions correctly. While it is ‘easy’ to make the case for identity as a security tool, in the long term it is more important to position investments in identity solutions as an enabler of productivity.