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If knowledge is power and data is king, then what’s in an identity?

Authors: Alison Nicole Haughton and Amber Miles What’s in a name?  Might be the chorus in a song across a number of different musical genres.  Alternatively, it could be a cheeky trick question at trivia night, e.g., What did Mohammed Ali say to Sonny Liston? But it can also be […]

Patenting Identity into the Future

In the last couple of years, SailPoint has found a renewed sense of ownership when dealing with our inventions. We sat down with our VP, Lead Corporate Architect Matt Domsch to get a look behind the curtain on what is driving these changes and what it means for identity.   How does the patent program […]

Facing the Tech-Powered, Human-Driven Business with Identity

The worldwide labor force is around three billion people. In the US alone we have 160 million people working – and many of them work at companies we interact with daily to keep our lives going. Those millions of people in businesses of all sizes are accessing apps and data […]

Dating Strategy or Malware Technique?

CatfishingDogfishingSniffingGhostingRootingBenchingDoppelgängingRoachingPharmingHauntingKittenfishingPhreakingOrbitingCrackingPhubbingBreadcrumbingStashingSpoofingSubmariningSnoopingMooningThroningWardrivingTindstagrammingVulturingZombieingPiggybackingSocial Engineering Dating Strategy: 2 (really?), 4, 6 (my entire middle school experience both socially and athletically), 8 (is askmen.com the best source for dating advice?), 10 (cosmo is definitely the canonical source for this kind of info, and possibly originates most of it), 11 (rampant on linkedin, to be […]

QNB Finansbank Scales Identity with SailPoint

Founded in 1987 and based in Istanbul, QNB Finansbank AS is the fifth-largest bank in Turkey. It provides core banking services to corporate, investment, and small/mid-sized business customers throughout the country. As of 2019, QNB Finansbank included 542 physical branches and nearly 13,000 employees. When it comes to identity and […]

Trust Issues, A Weekly News Podcast

There is so much cybersecurity news and so little time. That is why we are expanding our Mistaken Identity podcast family with Trust Issues, a weekly news podcast that will give you the top three security headlines each week, read off by Natalie Reina and Hannah Giles. But wait, there’s […]

SailPoint Engineers: Being Proactive, Not Reactive

Being proactive means anticipating problems, seeking new solutions and doing your best by acting before a situation turns into a source of confrontation or crisis. It means taking responsibility for our product rather than just watching how things happen. In this area of customer service, responding to clients or events after a […]

Mistaken Identity Podcast: Go Blue? The Customer Experience

Loma Miller joins us to talk about the “customer experience” (16:31)— from pizza to haircuts to University of Michigan Football (yes, we covered a lot of ground.) Hannah Giles and Natalie Reina cover the headlines (2:38), which include a return to prominence by Ashley Madison, how Twitter can allow others […]

Why Your Governance is Only as Good as Your Identity Data

The value of an identity governance solution is directly proportional to the quality and richness of the data it can access. Ideally, you’d have attribute-rich global profiles of each user, pulled from all your identity sources. In reality, most identity data is locked in silos, and scattered across many – […]

SailPoint Honors Global Partners at SKO

Our worldwide partner network is vital in ensuring our customers receive the care and attention to detail they need to drive quick cybersecurity results with SailPoint. This week at our annual Sales Kickoff, we’d like to take a minute to celebrate our most successful partners in the past year. Our […]

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