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SailPoint Achieves ServiceNow Built on Now Platform Status

Over the last several months, we’ve seen years-long digital transformation initiatives accelerated into days and weeks to adapt to a new virtual workforce.  As a result, managing user access requirements have grown exponentially and even more complex.  Keeping up with these access demands while maintaining security and compliance can be […]

SailPoint Honors Global Partners and Delivery Admirals at Revenue Kick-off 2021

As we kicked off the new year with Revenue Kickoff (RKO), one theme resounded loud and clear: We are limitless in our pursuit to provide the very best customer journey in the Identity Security space. Why? Because we do our homework. Doing our homework means knowing our customers so well […]

State Governments Rely on SailPoint to Address Top Priorities

NASCIO recently released their top priorities for 2021. The NASCIO list is formed by a survey of its membership, whom it asks to prioritize the top issues they face. This year’s results we noticed a few shifts in the top priorities but many that stayed the same from the previous […]

Identity Security, A View From the CISO’s Seat

With more than 40 years in IT, about 35 of that in security, Paul de Graaff knows identity inside and out. From implementing a cloud-first strategy to using AI & ML to do more with your program, Paul shares his identity insights in this interview with SailPoint CMO Juliette Rizkallah. […]

Protecting Today’s Corporate Digital Identity with Identity Security

Today we try to safeguard our digital identity as much as our wallet and its contents. Our personal digital identity authorizes us to go about our day-to-day—logging into our bank account to pay bills, checking our Facebook page for notifications or scheduling an UberEats delivery for dinner —but then there […]

Euroclear Trusts the Power of Identity

Meet SailPoint customer, Euroclear. Euroclear is one of the leading providers of settlement and related security services for cross-border transactions. They set out looking for an identity solution that would align with their zero-trust initiative. They needed a solution that would not only help them meet their immediate certification goals […]

Three Questions with Tina Timmerman, Technical Manager of Professional Services at SailPoint

Tina Timmerman has a deep technical background in software development, but how did she get there? Tina started her career as a programmer, working in product development at several enterprise software companies. Along the way, she worked as a system engineer/analyst and as a project manager but eventually switched to […]

L’identité dans le cloud

L’avenir des entreprises est sur le Cloud. En effet, nous savons qu’environ la moitié des entreprises sera basée sur le Cloud d’ici 2021, soit dans quatre ans. Afin d’être prêt non seulement au sein de votre société, mais également dans le réseau d’entreprises avec lesquelles vous collaborez quotidiennement, il existe plusieurs façons […]

Paranoïa ou préparation à l’âge de la violation des données

Verizon a récemment dévoilé que son équipe juridique avait commencé une enquête sur l’impact de l’importante violation des données de Yahoo! et ses effets sur l’acquisition imminente. Selon certaines sources, l’enquête sera longue et pourrait compromettre la transaction de 4,8 milliards de dollars. Il n’est pas surprenant qu’un piratage de cette […]

La cybersécurité représente-t-elle un retour pour l’IA ?

Ces derniers temps, l’intelligence artificielle (IA) fait les manchettes dans le domaine des technologies. Elle semble être la dernière expression « tendance » à s’imposer, mais la question subsiste : S’agit-il d’un effet de mode ou assistons-nous vraiment au second avènement de l’IA ? Tout récemment, la cybersécurité a fait l’objet de nombreuses initiatives […]