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Grandes tendencias en identidad según Mark McClain

In a recent conversation with SailPoint CEO and co-founder Mark McClain, we discussed some of the challenges identity teams face when it comes to the new frontiers in identity. In this conversation, we dig a little deeper for trends that Mark sees brewing under the surface. Here we tackled blockchain and […]

Navigating the Application and Data Frontiers

In my recent conversation with security journalist and blogger George Hulme, we discussed a number of technology trends currently disrupting enterprises, including the accelerating adoption of enterprise software-as-a-service applications, mobile devices, cloud storage, and collaborative tools. Specifically, we spoke about the fact that much of this adoption occurs without the […]

Q&A: SailPoint CEO Mark McClain on Today’s Pressing Identity Challenges

Whether it’s concerns about data breaches, increased regulatory mandates, trying to keep pace with the rush of transformational technologies such as cloud, robotic software processes, or the exponential increase in data enterprises are creating — there’s no shortage of trends that are keeping enterprise security teams on edge. But what […]

Qué esperar cuando se espera una oferta pública inicial

Chief executive officer (CEO) is a title held by more than 200,000 people in the United States, but only about 2% of those are CEOs of public companies. Having seen the grass from both the public and private sides, I can assert with confidence that the job of a CEO is not a one-size-fits-all […]

How To Transform Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

If you ask tech CEOs what their biggest corporate asset is within their organization, the responses will probably be all over the map. Some will immediately point to the latest product innovation they introduced to the market. This is a pretty natural response since the phrase “corporate asset” typically equates to […]

Leadership, Change, And The Art Of Adaptation

As a CEO, I’ve learned that one thing is certain (besides death and taxes) — change. It’s a universal truth for tech leaders because all of us are either in a position of driving disruption or attempting to protect the status quo in a changing environment. And, to complicate matters […]

The Power of Identity at Navigate Sydney ‘18

We’re kicking off Navigate Sydney this week ‘down under’ and this year, our event is bigger than ever before. In fact, our attendees enjoyed our conference in Sydney so much last year that they asked us for an extra day. So, we delivered! For the next two days, we’ll be […]

Looking Back on Nine Years as a Best Place to Work

Nine. That’s the number of consecutive years SailPoint has been named one of Austin’s best places to work by the Austin Business Journal. We’ve gone from a scrappy startup to a global, public company, and it’s an honor to see that our team members continue to love working at SailPoint, […]

Mark McClain, Navigate ’18 and Identity’s Big Trends Ahead

We have a big week ahead, and I’m thrilled to be at the sixth SailPoint identity governance conference, Navigate ’18, this week at the JW Marriott in downtown Austin. This is my third-year attending Navigate, and it’s always a time filled with interesting discussion, panels, and keynotes about the current […]

Innovation that Cuts Through the Clutter

If you’ve spent any time with me (or anyone else at SailPoint for that matter), you’ve heard me reference our core values, also known as the ‘Four I’s’. These values run deep in our company, and I believe they have been significant contributors to our success. Each of these values […]