The SailPoint Way

“My humanity is bound up in yours,
for we can only be human together.”

Bishop Desmond Tutu

At SailPoint, there’s this underlying notion, often referred to as ‘The SailPoint Way.’ For those who have been with the company for a while, it’s clear as day, no explanation needed. SailPoint stands for its people, whose unique characteristics and talents are what make us the company we are today. We live and breathe our ‘Four I’ core values which stand for individuals (our SailPoint Crew), integrity (delivering on what we say we will), impact (measuring results, not hours spent) and innovation (this one speaks for itself).

This has been our ‘way’ since the very beginning. Yet, as our world evolves around us, so must we. We believe strongly that every single one of our people matter. And that with more diversity among our crew, together we grow stronger, more unified, more able to enact lasting change.

SailPoint is ALL IN

Our ALL IN philosophy is simple: Everyone is important. Everyone is treated respectfully, no matter the background or culture, ability, age, ethnicity, gender identification, race, sexual orientation, religious belief, veteran’s status.

SailPoint’s ALL IN group, formed by crew members, helps ensure we are making thoughtful and intentional decisions that move us towards greater levels of diversity and inclusion across the organization.

Consistent and intentional action

Continuing to drive a culture of inclusion and belonging for a diverse crew requires a commitment to the long game, with consistent and intentional action. SailPoint is focused on attracting and retaining crew members from all backgrounds who are able to show up for SailPoint as their most authentic selves, in the most authentic ways.  

SailPoint team in India

SailPoint employees biking

Everyone belongs

When we embrace the foundational philosophy that ‘everyone belongs,’ we have the power to advance our industry and the careers of our people from all walks of life. We prioritize programs for our crew that foster a collective investment in inclusion and belonging across cultures and geographies. By putting people first, we can better serve our customers and communities around the world.

Finding our Crew

We’re dedicated to driving diversity throughout the process of finding, hiring and retaining the right crew members for our team. We’re location-agnostic which helps us to attract a more diverse and unique talent pool.

three images of SailPoint employees

SailPoint Gives Back

SailPoint Gives Back, our philanthropic foundation, is focused on making a positive impact in the communities around us. ‘Giving back’ is not just about financial donations alone – it’s as much about that as it is about sweat equity to us. Our SailPoint Crew is well-known for the many hours of ‘sweat’ put into the various charitable organizations we support both near and far. For us, it’s about stepping up and stepping out to make a lasting impact, because that is ‘The SailPoint Way.’