It’s time to see identity in a whole new light.

To keep your business moving fast, workers need access to the right systems, applications and data — from anywhere at any time. But giving them too much access can put your organization at risk. That’s because cybercriminals are targeting workers to gain entry into your network. And you may be helping them without even realizing it.

Good news: There’s a proven way to avoid identity risk.

SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM uses AI and machine learning to stop bad guys in their tracks. It helps your team:

  • Know who has access to what
  • Determine whether they have the correct access
  • See how that access is being used

We give you information — you set the access policies and controls. And as your business changes, our AI shows you where your risky users are and how policies should change to keep your business secure.

Keep Workers secure and productive wherever they are.

Give your team access to the tools, applications, and information they need to do their job onsite or remotely.

Automate tasks and provide self-service IT. 

Immediately onboard new workers with the right access and 24×7 self-service access request and password management. 

Protect your data and stay compliant.

From employees to contractors to partners and even bots, keep information safe by making sure users only have access to what they need.