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Identity-Focused Cloud Governance

Identity security for cloud infrastructure.

Extend identity security to cloud infrastructure and govern enterprise cloud entitlements.

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Automated IaaS governance for multi-cloud environments.

Managing the IaaS access lifecycle for both human and non-human entities using cloud resources is essential to achieve an effective, identity-centric security posture.

SailPoint Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (SailPoint CIEM) extends identity security to cloud infrastructure so that enterprises can govern IaaS access in the same way they use SailPoint identity security to manage access to other applications and data.

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Enabling better IaaS controls

SailPoint Cloud Access Management helps you make faster, more informed IaaS access decisions, detect potential risks, and easily enforce access policies for all users.

  • Graphical view of an identity’s access and entitlements across cloud platforms.
  • Make faster, more informed IaaS access decisions.
  • Detect potential risks and automate IaaS governance across multi-cloud environments.
  • Find and manage high-risk access using pre-configured policies.
  • Auto-discover access across clouds and easily identify non-compliant policies
  • Use AI-driven access modeling capabilities to get targeted recommendations.


Extend core identity security capabilities to enterprise cloud access

Enterprises can discover and visualize, manage and monitor, and govern and remediate access across Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with an identity-focused approach to cloud entitlements and certifications.​

Discover and visualize

Discover and visualize effective access across all cloud entitlements. Correlate federated IaaS access to identities. Expand visibility beyond application entitlements to include cloud infrastructure, and discover uncorrelated cloud accounts.

Manage and monitor

Automate cloud account provisioning and certify access. Enable self-service requests for IaaS access. Govern inappropriate, unauthorized, or unused access. Automate the creation and certification of accounts and entitlement assignments.

Govern and remediate

Automated IaaS governance for multi-cloud environments. Leverage usage data to create or adjust policies based on data-driven needs. Model and define consistent access policies based on roles and activities across multiple IaaS platforms.

Use Cases

Extend identity security to cloud infrastructure

Govern and manage multi-cloud infrastructure with a single approach. Apply clearly-defined policies, and automate the lifecycle management of IaaS access.

Discover access across complex IaaS environments

Get a graphical view of identities and entitlements across all IaaS environments.

Manage and monitor for risky or unused access

Find and manage high risk access, address compliance requirements, and make faster and more informed IaaS access decisions.

Govern and remediate cloud infrastructure access.

Protect critical infrastructure assets across multi-cloud environments, monitor for policy enforcement and threats, and detect potential risks.


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