Le point de vue de Mark

Diriger une entreprise dans un monde où la vie privée a (presque) disparu

Le respect de la vie privée a presque disparu. Et, à vrai dire, nous en sommes responsables. La culture de l’égoïsme d’aujourd’hui semble nous conduire au nivellement par le bas de notre vie privée. Notre mode de vie moderne se caractérise par le partage excessif du moindre détail de notre vie quotidienne, et ce n’est pas seulement une […]

La fin de la violation de données

Non, la violation de données n’est pas définitivement disparue. Oui, elles se produisent toujours, elles sont encore mauvaises et elles demeurent toujours un problème. Mais j’en ai assez d’en entendre parler. Pouvons-nous plutôt nous concentrer sur le positif plutôt que sur tout ce pessimisme ? Voilà ce que j’entends par là. Chaque entreprise a le […]

Ce n’est pas que du plaisir et des avantages : Ce que la culture d’entreprise signifie vraiment

What is culture? In tech, we often find ourselves re-hashing the same old topics of foosball tables and free beer, or the “upgraded” perks of onsite chefs and free massages when it comes to talking about company culture. After all, from everything we read, great company culture is no longer […]

Le pouvoir de la confiance dans la main-d’œuvre de haute technologie d’aujourd’hui

In tech, the work is never done. Just when you have launched a great new update to your product or ventured into a new market, you’re already knee-deep in whatever comes next, whether it’s another version of your product or something brand new. Layer on a set of industry challenges […]

The CEO Book Club: Back to Basics

Now and then I like to share what I’m reading. In my past lists, I’ve shared books on business success and building great teams. This time, I’m getting back to basics with some more introspective reads that help with personal growth and performance. Essentialism – Greg McKeown The point of […]

3 Challenges Facing Enterprises Today

Hear from our CEO, Mark McClain, on the challenges facing enterprises today. Learn how technology is changing the face of security, and how identity governance can help protect what’s important to your organization.

Identité : la source de la vérité pour les organisations aujourd’hui

I talk about identity day-in and day-out with our employees, customers, partners and investors, so it’s easy to fall into the common tech industry habit of seemingly endless acronyms and jargon. But in reality, identity is simple. Before I explain, let me take you on a trip down SailPoint’s memory […]

Buzzword Breakdown: What Do Bots, AI and Machine Learning Mean for Identity?

The cybersecurity industry is well known for its copious acronyms and ever-changing buzzwords. In fact, when I hear yet another new term in a meeting at SailPoint, I joke that we always have to remain “buzzword compliant.” But despite my poking fun, the latest round of buzzwords seems to center […]

Mark McClain au sujet des grandes tendances en matière d’identités

In a recent conversation with SailPoint CEO and co-founder Mark McClain, we discussed some of the challenges identity teams face when it comes to the new frontiers in identity. In this conversation, we dig a little deeper for trends that Mark sees brewing under the surface. Here we tackled blockchain and […]

Navigating the Application and Data Frontiers

In my recent conversation with security journalist and blogger George Hulme, we discussed a number of technology trends currently disrupting enterprises, including the accelerating adoption of enterprise software-as-a-service applications, mobile devices, cloud storage, and collaborative tools. Specifically, we spoke about the fact that much of this adoption occurs without the […]