Our Customers Have Our Hearts

At SailPoint, we talk at length about the importance of our customers’ satisfaction and success. After all, their success breeds our success. This has remained our truth and mission since the very first day we opened our doors in 2005. While I wasn’t part of the SailPoint Crew back then, […]

Does your Cloud IaaS Environment resemble the Wild Wild West? You’re not alone.

Many organizations are riding the digital transformation Quarter horse and moving their business applications and infrastructure to the cloud. However, this has become more like a Lewis and Clark expedition. We are finding organizations are quick to make this move but are skipping a fundamental step of first considering what […]

Trust Issues Podcast: Headlines 3-11-2020

Catch up on the latest news with the Trust Issues podcast hosted by Natalie Reina and Hannah Giles. Listen in below! Want to read the full stories shared in this episode? See below! At least two presidential campaigns aren’t using two-factor authenticationWalgreens app exposes customer prescription data54% of healthcare vendors […]

SailPoint’s Chief Product Officer Paul Trulove on Cloud Governance

Innovation is the hallmark of society these days – if we can dream it, we can do it. In this age, the adoption of new technologies such as cloud and artificial intelligence are accelerating the pace of innovation to levels we’ve never seen before. Businesses have found themselves sitting on […]

If knowledge is power and data is king, then what’s in an identity?

Authors: Alison Nicole Haughton and Amber Miles What’s in a name?  Might be the chorus in a song across a number of different musical genres.  Alternatively, it could be a cheeky trick question at trivia night, e.g., What did Mohammed Ali say to Sonny Liston? But it can also be […]

Facing the Tech-Powered, Human-Driven Business with Identity

The worldwide labor force is around three billion people. In the US alone we have 160 million people working – and many of them work at companies we interact with daily to keep our lives going. Those millions of people in businesses of all sizes are accessing apps and data […]

Trust Issues, A Weekly News Podcast

There is so much cybersecurity news and so little time. That is why we are expanding our Mistaken Identity podcast family with Trust Issues, a weekly news podcast that will give you the top three security headlines each week, read off by Natalie Reina and Hannah Giles. But wait, there’s […]

SailPoint Honors Global Partners at SKO

Our worldwide partner network is vital in ensuring our customers receive the care and attention to detail they need to drive quick cybersecurity results with SailPoint. This week at our annual Sales Kickoff, we’d like to take a minute to celebrate our most successful partners in the past year. Our […]

Bon Voyage 2019!

2019 has been a busy year here at SailPoint. We are gearing up for 2020 but wanted to take some time and reflect on what we have accomplished this year – from the launch of SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM to traveling around the world sharing the power of identity. Join us […]

L’identité en route pour Vegas : Gartner IAM

Qu’obtient-on en mélangeant Identité et Las Vegas ? Gartner IAM, bien sûr ! Cette semaine, la communauté du secteur de l’identité s’est rendue au Caesar’s Palace pour clôturer l’année avec un bel événement. Aujourd’hui, nous revenons sur certains des plus grands moments de [...]

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